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Black Sabbath To Reunite With Original Lineup For New Album

Heavy metal progenitors Black Sabbath will once again be reuniting with their original lineup, including occasional holdout Ozzy Osbourne. The outfit have secretly been writing new material throughout the summer with plans to release a new album next year.

Unfortunately though, drummer Bill Ward‘s health concerns may hold him back from fully participating in the project. More on the reunion from guitarist Tony Iommi can be found over at


  • Vujaa De

    as the biggest ozzy/sabbath fan on this site, i will say this… i’ll believe it when i fucking see it. this is the 2nd “official” announcement of the new album. and the 5th or 6th time its been talked about. and if it does happen 1, it better not sound like something left off an ozzy album (Psycho Man, Selling My Soul) 2, it better not sound like anything from Tech. Ec. and NSD. 3 it better sound better than the last 3 ozzy albums.

    PS remember “Scary Dreams” it was fucking horrible.

  • Bitter Old Man

    Yeah I’m hoping it sounds better than Ozzy’s recent stuff, but still exciting news. And we can’t expect them to top what they did back in the ’70′s…given that I’m stoked!

  • adamonfire

    Tour plz. This is one band (in regards to this line-up) I didn’t think I’d ever have the chance to see. I saw Ozzy this past January, but I’d love to see the whole BS lot.

  • King Hipster Natemare (Haters Gonna Hate)

    I love Sabbath, but fuck Ozzy. Well, fuck Ozzy from the like 20 years. Throw that dude a pile of coke and let him be a mad man again.

  • frog

    It says Iommi has been writing the album, so I have no idea why you guys keep comparing it to Ozzy’s recent stuff. It would be better to compare it to The Devil You Know, which was pretty good. Actually, all 4 albums with that lineup were pretty good. The comment about throwing ozzy into a pile of coke is moronic since the last two Sabbath records with him were pretty mediocre because of the drugs. This could be good, I just don’t know what Bill Ward’s drumming is like these days.

    • Vujaa De

      who was comparing to Ozzy’s recent stuff? Hoping its better than Ozzy’s recent stuff isn’t comparing the two…

    • King Hipster Natemare (Haters Gonna Hate)

      The drugs were not in reference to the music as much as he is a giant waste of life at this point. He either needs to start getting wasted again or dump Sharon. Doing commercials with Justin Beiber and reality shows is pretty fucking lame considering what he has done in the past.

      • Vujaa De

        are you the bass player for design the skyline?

  • adamonfire

    Well so much for that…….. maybe?