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New Anthrax, Textures, Etc. Songs Featured On Free Digital Compilation

New tracks from the likes of Anthrax, Textures, The Browning and more are being offered as part of a free eleven track sampler over at The compilation is presented in part by Metal Maniacs and also features a track from Van Canto, who as I’ve mentioned before, amuse me to no end.

If you’re late to the party, go ahead and take the plunge on Van Canto‘s cover of Manowar‘s “Kings Of Metal” and Metallica‘s “Battery” below:

Kings Of Metal” (Manowar cover):

Battery” (Metallica cover):


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    • HAHAHAHAHA!!! Holy shit! I AM late to the party, fuck! This is too god damn awesome! My friends and I do this dumb shit all the time, of coarse not this level of skill!!! And I love that they have a video. Oh man…my stomach hurts!

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