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New Design Launch Tweaks, Possible Things To Come

So a few days into the new prp layout and the dust is settling. There’s still a few irons in the fire and ideas are being tossed around. Polls, some new prp shirts finally (that is if anyone gives a shit), some tweaking of comments, etc. Not entirely sure if all will become a reality or when, but that’s what’s in the works. If you are encountering bugs or have any issues, please comment here so they can be addressed.

Also, if you haven’t noticed I’ve also been quite the prick in the news lately. Not trying to be a full on asshole, but after typing the same interchangeable news pieces for the last few years, I needed a break to make it interesting. If you hate it, sorry, but I promise I won’t be too over the top with it. At least not like the Van Canto video below:

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      I for one enjoy you taking the piss, wook. Every time you slag off someone in the news I hear Corey Hart’s “Never Surrender”.

      AS A SIDE NOTE: Still waiting for the Corey Hart biopic staring David Duchovney.

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    • Hey Wookubus – just a query on a UI matter. Would there be any way to build in a function for a user to monitor their more recent posts? i guess it would just make following/tracking previous comments easier, so you could keep in touch better. Right now I just rely on my memory. It’s not essential, by any mean. Just a thought. I can see you’d probably think implementing something like this would be turning it into too much of a forum then.

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    • Aggroculture     August 31, 2011 at 11:18 am

      The redesign bumps old threads into Top Headlines for seemingly no reason: this creates the misleading impression that they are new threads/news stories.

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      • It’s not for no reason. There’s a few stories that have high Google seo, meaning they resurface a lot. The Attack Attack guitarist and the All Stars tour are some examples.

        There’s been a couple times where a story linked within a new story has resurfaced as a result as well, the Greg Puciato vs Jared Leto is an example of that.

        Essentially it’s a story getting a second wind as it were. There’s a way around it, but that is to limit the results of top stories to the past few days.

        Meaning there would be a less accurate display of the actual top stories of the day in question and a bit more stagnation.

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        • Aggroculture     August 31, 2011 at 1:29 pm

          OK thanks for the explanation, but maybe you could put a date of original story next to it, or something. Otherwise I think this is a new story of Tool saying something new about their new album.

          Tool speak out on new album (01.28.11)

          That way I avoid clicking on it because I know that the story is old, even though there may be new comments or a renewed interest in an old story for God knows whatever reason. Thanks.

          The way it is currently is misleading because there’s nothing to state that the story isn’t “news”

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