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Staind Premiere New Song “Paper Wings”

Staind‘s new track “Paper Wings” has premiered online through The song is taken from the bands new self-titled album, which has been slated for a September 13th release via Atlantic.


  • the hidden agenda

    That’s a pretty good song, it’s too bad they left this style so long ago, that I couldn’t care if I tried.

  • adamonfire

    I dig it, a lot. Looking forward to seeing them live again, hopefully they come around soon.

  • HonoluluBlueBalls

    It’s definitely a decent tune, probably the best I’ve heard so far. I’ve got to agree with The Hidden Agenda though. It’s hard to be really get excited for a new Staind album, even if they have made a genuine attempt to return to their roots.

    • HonoluluBlueBalls

      pretend that the word “get” isn’t there… damn editing errors.

  • frog

    How is it possible for Aaron Lewis to still have this much angst? I’m not buying this.

    • adamonfire

      Don’t doubt the angst of a Country Boy.

  • emvath

    This song is pretty good, but while on guitarworld listening to it I decided to read the interview with Mike Mushok that guitar world did as well. A few of the things he said gave me reason to doubt this new album.

    1. He said they made it with the same producer that did their last (and by far worst) album.

    2. They each did their own seperate parts and then submitted them.

    3. They worked on a tight deadline.

    Those are hardly the things I want to hear when looking forward to a new album.

    • robichaud1

      Sounds like a Staind’s Producer album, not a Staind album…

  • DeadHeroes

    Dang, looking at that picture on Guitar World, those dudes are aging …quickly. The song is alright, though!
    On an unrelated note, I should find a profile picture, but I am far too lazy to browse for one. Hmmmm.

    • Surly

      Totally true about what the guys look like. How about the dude on the left. That haircut! Ha. I just kept looking at it and looking at it. He kinda looks like Keith Richards from back in ’69. Decent enough tune, however.

      • shnk666

        HA! I know! The haircuts on the bassist and guitarist are kinda ridiculous. It took me a minute to realize that it was still the OG lineup. Honestly, I’m surprised to hear all the positive reactions to this song because I thought it was pretty generic. I’m not a Staind hater; if the song was better I’d be all about it. I just feel it’s a half-assed effort and they could do better.

  • Klown328

    This really gets me excited for the new album. Aaron Lewis has always been good at writing lyrics and I love that someone doubted that he could still have that much angst in him… it’s life… sometimes things are tough even for a big band like Staind, you get pissed and write some angry lyrics. I like most of the albums that Staind put out because they’re unique usually and write music they want to write. I like Hatebreed and all but I mean all the albums they put out… it’s like one big cd and one long song cause all the songs sound the same pretty much. A band should not be tied to one music genre forever, it’s music.


    i feel like they’re only trying to do heavy again because heavy music is everywhere now. too little waaaay too late.. the nickelback cover songs that they’ve made there last records recently have ruined anything new they could do. i mean when i was 13 i loved staind…. things change i guess when you grow up…

  • mongolianchopsquad

    I was hyped after listening to ‘The Bottom’ and ‘Eyes Wide Open’. The hype pretty much faded after ‘Not Again’ which sounded pretty cliche. This track is certainly good enough to get my hopes up again.

  • allichs

    man I’m loving this, ..and they’re coming to Europe in about 10 weeks. :)

  • Metalhead27

    Well….what the F***? This song is rediculous. In a very good way. Such a great song. The riffs are intense. Very much looking forward to the new album. I love it when people say things like,” Wow, didn’t anybody tell them the ’90′s were over…” blah blah blah. To them I say: I think I just heard your stop watch – You’re clothes are getting a little out of date. That’s what I think of when people post that stuff. Decades don’t always make music irrelevant. Isn’t Slayer still headlining major tours? When you make “time period” comments like that, you just sound like a manager for New Kids on the Block. I can understand growing out of liking a band, whatever. But when said like that, you just sound like a prissy 15-year-old girl wanting the most “hip” shoes. Maybe you’re not as grown up as you think. Anyway, the song is very good.

    • mongolianchopsquad

      I really agree with what you’re saying. I think it’s kinda sad how people trash the bands they used to love because they ‘grew out’ of them. People who say ‘I only listen to Tool, Dillinger Escape Plan and Glassjaw. The rest are just crap bands for teenagers.’. I love Glassjaw and Tool, and all the other great bands that still make great music with musical depth, but I also don’t deny the bands that I loved to listen to in the 90s and early 2000s. The PRP used to stand for Pimp Rock Palace, and it was a site that gave out 4.5~5 star reviews to Taproot, Papa Roach and Insolence. When you deny your past and try desperately to look cool, it’s just pathetic.

      • wookubus

        Hey now, let’s keep that on the downlow… haha. I was young and impressionable!

        Just for the record, I never did have anything to do with the original name of the site though. And by the time me and Webb wanted to change it, it was too far gone.

        Oh how things could have turned out with a metal name, like or something… I would probably still have some credibility left.

      • Surly

        “When you deny your past and try desperately to look cool, it’s just pathetic.” No excuses Wook! ;-) You guys loved the name back in the day, walking around with your pimp swag, sipping from your gold-plated plastic chalice with sizzurp, listening to KoRn and LB. ;-)

      • mongolianchopsquad does sound good.