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Will Haven Debut Stream Of New Song “Midas Secret”

A new Will Haven track by the name of “Midas Secret” has debuted online via the bands Facebook (‘like’ required.) The song is set to grace the bands forthcoming album “Voir Dire“, which will land in stores on October 11th through Bieler Bros. Records.

As previously reported, “Voir Dire” not only sees the return of frontman Grady Avenell, but also the addition of Slipknot‘s Chris Fehn on bass.


  • Da-peeR

    This new song of theirs just blew my f***ing top right off!

  • sansself

    I remember that, when Deftones came out with Diamond Eyes, a lot of people said that it reminded them of Will Haven. Well, now this Will Haven song sounds like Deftones in a good way. Full circle. I’m f***ing amped for this album.

  • smartassboiler

    So what’s Will Haven like? Where should I start?

  • BranchDavidianStyle

    Classic Haven with a few welcomed additives. Colour me excited.


    very excited. gonna be great that grady is back!

  • AMeN

    Amazing band, El Diablo is a great place to start, I’ve Seen My Fate is such an incredible song.