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Suicide Silence Premiere “You Only Live Once” Music Video

Suicide Silence‘s new music video for their song “You Only Live Once” has premiered online through The group shot the video with director Nathan “Karma” Cox (Disturbed, All That Remains), while the song comes from the groups newly released album, “The Black Crown“.


  • allichs

    for once a fucking awesome metal video. great job.

  • gonsa

    too shame they think we only live once.

  • stuckpig

    Yea that was an awesome video. Nobody on this planet knows whether or not we live only once. Has somebody died and come back one day and whispered in your ear “Everything in that bible is true. I am now an armadillo in Texas” Riiight.

  • smartassboiler

    I’m not much of a fan of these guys, but this is another comment to give props to the video. Good concept and pretty well executed.

  • Surly

    We all play too many video games. ;-)

  • INeverWanted.

    You have to log in to see it? Too bad I don’t have an account there. Oh well.

  • allichs

    don’t be a bitch and watch it on youtube bro ;)

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    that fuckin’ rocked! The first 30 seconds you think, “whats gonna happen here”, and then BAM! squib caps blowing off like a rob zombie movie…