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Nonpoint Working On New Album

Nonpoint have been working on new material as of late with the following update recently being posted to their Facebook:

“Writing away, lots of songs coming out. The vibe is cool and the songs are showing in them how cool the vibe is. More info to come in the next coming weeks.”


  • Mr. Censored

    Good. The quicker they put that last turd they dumped behind them the better.

  • jpmonster90

    Oh god, why are they still trying. The last one was their worst effort since the 2nd album. Let alone they’ve never been able to top their 1st record. The billy jean cover was a Chris Cornell ripoff that they so deceptively try to pass as their own rendition. AND word is they’re bunch of cocky assholes too.

  • Bitter Old Man

    The only good news here is that there’s no way it can be worse than their last album. Once you’re at rock bottom the only way to go is up.