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Rob Zombie’s Woolite Commercial Available

Rob Zombie recently shot and directed a commercial for the Woolite detergent brand. You can check it out below:


  • Aggroculture

    This can’t be Rob Zombie, it’s watchable.

  • Bitter Old Man

    House of 1,000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects were awesome.

  • adamonfire

    Devil’s Rejects was an absolutely horrible follow-up and a complete waste of time

  • robichaud1

    @Bitter – Fuckin’ right.
    @adam – Oh my god, I can’t disagree more – The Devil’s Rejects blew my brains out all over the theatre. Goddamit, adam. Ugh.

  • allichs

    TDR is definitely the better movie, but 1,000 Corpses had its moments too.

  • noraad

    The Devil’s Rejects was the only respectable film he’s made. He totally raped Halloween and House of 1,000 Corpses was a total rip off of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Rejects, I feel, he really came into his own and did something completely original.

  • noraad

    Oh, and if he’s doing detergent commercials, he should just kill himself. I didn’t think he could get shittier after what he did to Halloween… I was wrong.

  • jrr

    This is first time I’ve ever heard disdain for TDR. Everyone I’ve ever talked to prefers it over 1,000 (myself included), and typically lauds it for the Freebird ending.

    …And apparently this headline isn’t a joke?

  • southpawchew

    The cool thing he did with Halloween was take the movie into the new age with a cool retro feel.

  • adamonfire

    I watched the two within a relatively short period of time and was hoping for a continuation of the Dr. Satan character – although it doesn’t seem like it’s supposed to be a true sequel, I was disappointed with the direction and overall product. I’d much rather take a movie like Mum & Dad over TDR.

  • southpawchew

    Btw I do enjoy the commercial

  • PDXposeur

    I agree with Adam. The only thing I liked about 1000 Corpses, was all the fucked up, weird shit that happened when they put those people in that pit and it was like some netherworld of evil down there. Then, Devils Rejects starts and never makes mention of Dr Satan or any of that other crazy shit that happened in the first movie. What the fuck?

  • American_Natemare

    Dr. Satan was actually cut out of Devils Rejects. There’s a scene of him being wheeled through a hospital and attacking a nurse or something I believe. I like all of Rob Zombies movies, especially Rejects and Halloween 2 (unrated version, not theatrical where you think she’s in a mental institute or some shit). I just think the violence in his movies is way more realistic than the rest of the shit coming out of America labelled as a horror movie.