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P.O.D. Postpone European Touring

P.O.D. have postponed their planned May/June European touring, citing a ‘contractual breach’ by the tours promoter as the cause. The band issued the following statement on that:

P.O.D. is being forced to postpone their May and June European touring plans due a contractual breach by the organizing tour promoter. More disappointed than their fans, the band will be working with different promoters to return to Europe in the Fall with specific announcements coming soon.”


  • Obi-Juan Valdez

    What is up with P.O.D. and contracts? Did they become lawyers or something?

  • grantbrochill

    Contracts are pretty easy. Once they’re made, you just have to perform as you agree to, otherwise the other side is entitled to remedy. Well, except you partially perform. Then it’s either substantial performance or a material breach. And then your rights to sue for breach or suspend performance depend on whether the other side breached a promise or a condition. Very simple, you see.

  • Vautour

    Who gives a fuck what reason they have. Just don’t let P.O.D. come to Europe, for Christ’s (!) sake.