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The ‘Big 4′ To Play NYC In September

Another U.S. ‘Big 4‘ show has been announced for later this year. The new date will see Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax team up for a September 14th show at the Yankee Stadium in New York City, NY. An official announcement on that can be found over at


  • satansbakesale6

    aah i went to the California big four now i don’t feel so special.

  • mjclementz

    I live six hours away from where they had the CA show and couldn’t muster the effort to go. Good for NYC though, that should be pretty bitchin’ at Yankee Stadium. It’s a better place for a show than the middle of the desert, anyways. Though maybe not as atmospheric…

  • Weird_White_Dude

    I also went to the California date. There must’ve been some sort of discount for Ex Cons or something. Seediest crowd ever. It’s not often you see white power motherfuckers and mexican thrashers living in mosh pit harmony these days. Haha. Show ruled. Could have done without a lot of the newer Metallica stuff tho…But I think that just goes without saying.

  • adamonfire

    Do a nation-wide tour you assholes.

  • ballsofmetal

    Amen adaomonfire \m/ These assholes know they can do it.

  • adamonfire

    Add one radio hit band to open and you’ve got a Summer Sanitarium-type tour that could easily sell-out football stadiums.

  • cma3585

    Wednesday…awesome day for a one-off show as huge as this. If this was a Friday or Saturday, I’d definitely make the 6 hour drive. As it stands, I’ll be in school. Not too happy about this.

  • adamonfire

    Looks like the Yankees play a number of away series – – not sure if anything else is planned there. I assume they will take Tuesday to set-up and Thursday to tear-down, but unless there are other events scheduled Friday and Saturday appear as though they would have been feasible. If they’re in a huge metro area like New York I don’t see why they don’t do 2 or 3 nights in a row.

  • bredhate

    Hey Weird White Dude – I agree that the Indio show ruled. However, they only played three tunes less than 20 years old. Also played Three Black album songs – which is to be expected, but twelve songs from the first four albums is pretty strong in my book. I mean, come on, they played Orion in its entirety – that was unbelievably amazing! It’s been a whole week, and I am still amped up from that show… Contemplating the nationwide trek to NYC to catch the second show too.

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