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  • mjclementz

    Why couldn’t it be someone cool like Kyuss or even queens of the stone age? Or How To Destroy Angels? The Damned Things are amazing and would be a killer fit for this slot. Not some silly all-female Japanese punk mess. The only worthwhile opener I’ve seen on an APC bill was The Mars Volta, and that was back when I could still keep up with them (De-Loused era). Remember when APC opened for NIN? Now that was epic.

  • mjclementz

    Oh, and did you guys see that there’s an option on the upcoming tour to buy early entry passes to do a wine tasting of Keenan’s wines? I’m not sure you could get any less fucking rock n’ roll than that. I guess a cheese-tasting party would qualify, at least with the wine you can get a little buzz on.

  • grantbrochill

    What does a band being all female have to do with its fitness for this slot, mjclementz?

    And for the record, a pre-show wine tasting could be all sorts of rock ‘n’ roll, if done correctly.

  • robichaud1

    At least his wine gives you buzz – your whine gives me a headache.
    What’s wrong with a little vino? Meet the man, have some wine, rub his li’l head. Good times.

  • Surly

    Did someone say vin rouge?

  • NdR23

    Somethin about watchin those asian girls rock out makes me… This shows gonna be fun as hell.

  • robichaud1

    I picked up a few bottles of Chupacabra from a distributor in Montreal last week – not bad at all. I’d try to describe it but all I can think of is berries and wood, then I just start giggling. Picked up a bottle of Nagual de la Naga too, but we’re saving that for after APC’s Seattle show. Weeeoooo!

  • Surly

    Count me jealous Rob. There’s no hope in hell it’ll ever make its way over to AU I”d bet. Oh well…next time I’m OS I’ll be sure to track it down for a try.