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Of Mice & Men Post Touring Footage

Of Mice & Men have posted some behind the scenes footage from their recent touring online below. The group are currently readying their new album for a June release date through Rise.


  • buzzkillington

    Tour bus?? How the fuck is that band riding in a tour bus?Not a bad band I guess but I’ve barely heard of them.Theres much more established or bigger bands out there still touring in vans.I watched the video because it looked like they were sittin in a bus.WOW.

  • DougDiggler

    this will be the kind of band that bitches about not having money. A lot of the bigger bands that tour in vans choose to bc it works economically for them. Just bc your label gets you a bus doesn’t mean it’s all free…parking, driver, gas, etc are usually not covered. Bands like August Burns Red, etc tour in a van bc it’s an easy way to save money. (i’ve talked to a shitload of bands about this bc i am in a local band that wants to tour)

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