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The Haunted’s New Album “Unseen” Available For Streaming

The Haunted‘s entire new album “Unseen” is now available for streaming over at Metal Sucks. The effort is on course for a March 29th release date through Century Media.


  • Bitter Old Man

    Wow…I’ve always liked the Haunted so I didn’t want to believe wook’s review, but this does sound like some boring, uninspired crud…totally lost their energy. It’s like they’re trying to get in with the likes of bands like Hellyeah and Disturbed. Hell No!
    R.I.P. The Haunted

  • cma3585

    It’s soft as hell but more interesting than most other music (metal or otherwise) that comes out these days so I’m diggin it. This is what Peter Dolving’s vocals bring to the table…if you want blunt force trauma, Marco is the way to go. If you want some avant-garde type weird shit, Peter delivers. Either way I’m happy with any lineup of The Haunted.

  • allichs

    disappointment of the year for me so far

  • Viking

    I agree with cma3585. Since the beginning, The Haunted have brought nothing if not diversity. I, for one, am way beyond griping about the past and clinging to a certain sound. I love the old CDs and am glad we’ll always have the brutality of Marco, but seriously – it’s a little late to be shocked or disappointed by this new stuff. They’ve been radically experimenting ever since Peter rejoined, and they’re just not one of those bands that can crank out the same sounding record each time and still satisfy. Good for them.