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Sumerian Records Founder Lashes Out At Online Pirates

Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen had few kind words for would be pirates of the new Born Of Osiris album “The Discovery” (due out March 22nd.) Speaking via the labels Facebook, he posted the following rant:

“hey all you jobbers who like to steal our albums – word out on the ocean (pirates don’t use streets) is that the BOO album has leaked.. perhaps the pirate ship will leak too and sink in to the sea. in any case, enjoy pirating the record and hopefully you guys choke on a cannonball. happy torrenting you cowards! -ash”


  • adamonfire

    hey all you jobbers i really hope you like purchasing entire albums without listening to them first! stop downloading music and discovering new artists that you would have never known about and thus would have never seen in concert you cowards! -ash

  • frog

    I haven’t even heard the record and I already know I wouldn’t want to pirate it, let along buy it. Their debut made a decent guilty pleasure for 2 spins max, and that’s about it with this band.

  • allichs

    it hasn’t leaked yet, he should just shut the fuck up. torrent is gay anyway.

  • NemesisNL

    it didnt even leak, did it?

  • HonoluluBlueBalls

    @ allichs, if torrents are gay, what would be the heterosexual way to download media these days?

  • my name is mud

    Hard to believe anyone would want to pirate that steaming shitpile. Terrible band.

  • allichs

    heteros use one click hosting services such as rapidshare, mediafire, hotfile, megaupload and so on.

  • Ruxin_aka_Rodney

    FOLLOW THE SIGNS!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruxin_aka_Rodney

    oh and it has definitely leaked….

  • stuckpig

    Have some balls and go to the store and buy the son of a bitch. There’s a concept… everybody’s too high tech nowadays to get the physical copy. Pitiful. This way you can actually have the artwork in your hands. Another concept…People seem to be all out of concepts.

  • American_Natemare

    I wouldn’t even waste time downloading anything Sumerian releases.

  • veganbassist

    Natemare beat me to the punch.

    I wouldn’t illegally or legally download, or buy, or go see, any band on Sumerian if I could help it.

  • FP

    when will people learn ranting and raving about it on facebook/your sites website/whatever will never work. it happens get over it you should be happy your band was even lucky enough to get leaked early. Next time watch who you drop your promo cds to stupidass. and FYI rapidshare, mediafire, hotfile, megaupload is a super “gay” way to download. Nothing like leaving your IP address for the cops to follow, why not leave your home address next time. Get a seedbox, less problems, faster speeds, and no lame wait times. P.S. this band sucks horribly as stated multiple times before hand.

  • will

    true statement above about Sumerian. well… except Stick to your Guns. they are a guilty pleasure I have. they’re not reinventing the wheel, but not a bad spin IMO. but as a whole, the sum of Sumerian’s output is lame.

  • Bitter Old Man

    Not as bad as Victory. Now there’s a label full of non-winners.

  • Kydox

    This guy should QQ moar… go hang out with Lars.

  • Relentless_Beating

    Stray From the Path: Only Sumerian band worth listening too.

  • BoscoDeDynamis

    What he meant to say was torrent it illegally AFTER the release date.

  • ryderdie

    New CD is going to be dope.

  • KaOaRoN

    So no one here digs Periphery off of Sumerian? One of my favorite all time bands.

  • AMeN

    Didn’t Periphery release their album on Sumerian in the US? Also Upon a Burning =Body are a guilty pleasure of mine, saw them live and hung out for a bit, was one of the only people at the show old enough to drink, hilarious!

  • veganbassist

    I didn’t realize that T.R.A.M. is signing with Sumerian….so I retract my statement. I’m going to illegally download their album and listen the fuck out of it.

    I stand by my statement for every other Sumerian bro band though.

  • Kent Brockman

    There’s a lot of talent on Sumerian, no need to bash an entire label. Having said that, this news post made me go out and try and find the leaked album, (which hasn’t yet btw). I’ll keep on pirating and supporting my favourite bands through more ‘direct’ means. As for artwork, I make my own, Jackson Pollock style, with condiments and bodily fluids.

  • Gifford

    Sumerians a badass label, unfortunately they jumped on the whole signing of the djent wave bands. Like Relentless said, Stray from the path is the shit, and come on the Faceless are the shit too.

  • 2StepSally

    the new Veil of Maya album was nasty too. I did notice Sumerian has Bizzy Bone on their roster… like Bone Thugs in Harmony. WTF is that all about?

  • 2StepSally

    Also, If you need to sample an album prior to deciding to purchase it go to and they give you more than enough to base a decision on. Stop with the torrents and illegal downloads already. Anyone who is stealing music from bands they claim to enjoy is a fuckin toolbag.

  • JohnnyRuthless

    Cumerian Records………

  • FP

    2stepsally welcome to 2011 grow some balls people download music its not breaking news on CNN just like people pirate videos they did it 20 years ago and they still do it today

  • buttcrackguy

    Who is really at fault? The guy that downloads it, or the guy that ripped it off from the studio and put it out there for us? You gotta watch who you let touch your music. When it leaked I didn’t find it on the popular torrent sites though, just like Human Abstract and Protest The Hero I had to work for it.

  • cma3585

    2stepsally…who says I’m enjoying what I’m hearing when I’m downloading BOO or any other band like that’s music? It usually ends up in the recycle bin where it belongs.

  • SteveTango

    @FP I dont really see dowloading being such a problem. The big stink gets made about people sharing (i.e. uploading) the files with other people. I’ve been using rapidshare and megaupload for years and I dont have any authories knocking my door down.

  • adamonfire

    That’s because I’m guessing most of the music you listen to (as with the majority of the board) isn’t on a RIAA-affiliated label. Torrents are most certainly the way to go.

  • FP

    @Stevetango – My issue with megaupload/rapidshare/etc is that they keep your ip in a log and can be required by the courts to give up those ips. where as if you have a seedbox (used with torrents) your ip is pretty well hidden and going to be quite a pita to grab anything. Also its really about where download your stuff. Try getting into private sites you’ll find things better/easier/faster/safer don’t have to worry about the riaa or any of that jazz. Finally I personally get better speeds on torrents then megaupload/rapidshare..megaupload I get around 100kb..rapidshare I get around 30kb (if that) torrents I get anywhere from 1mb to 5 mbs..then when I ftp to my box and bring it down to my home pc it goes at 2.4 mbs (the fastest I can go) ok enough of that tech talk and fyi the album is leaked..its been leaked your just not looking in the right spot hence private sites > non private sites > linkzz

  • Aries Veil

    I pretty much hate the entire Sumerian roster. Just sayin!

  • ProtestedGyro

    After the Burial and The Faceless are pretty bad ass bands on the Sumerian roster. But without downloading, Sumerian wouldn’t be what it is today. This guy needs to chill.

  • tentonwolf

    @2stepsally-Most of what I consider awesome music comes from a shitload of bands that I never would have discovered w/o the assistance of file sharing. If its worth my buck the band gets it….I mean the record company(Loan-shark/rapists) does so I guess quit yer bitchin pal. Maybe if all these record labels quit investing in bands that suck decent ones might not to work as hard to get noticed and fans wouldn’t have to sift through the trash that seems to be dominating every genre of music

  • sclifford

    Geez, so critical! Faceless, Veil of Maya, Periphery? Even if you don’t like them you gotta admit they’re talented… some of my favorites in metal nowadays anyhow…

  • Afghanistam

    The Faceless, bitches. nuff’ said.

  • DexterMorgan

    Sometimes I like to listen to The Faceless on my iPod while dumping a few hefty bags into the ocean from my boat.

  • Afghanistam

    ^^ haha like Dexter? cool.

  • Afghanistam

    or maybe while cutting the blood drained limbs of women into multiple equally porportionate cylinders. dexter is rad.