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Third Trailer Released For Korn/P.O.D. Side Project Stillwell

A third trailer has been released for Stillwell, the group who feature Korn bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu and P.O.D. drummer Wuv within their lineup. The band will be selling their new outing “Dirtbag” on the impending second leg of the “Music As A Weapon Tour” with Korn, Disturbed, Sevendust and In This Moment.


  • the hidden agenda

    I don’t know why I always watch these stupid Stillwell videos. It’s as if I’m a moth to a flame, but the flame is made of shit.

  • robichaud1

    So you’re a fly!

  • SteveTango

    Tune a guitar to drop D and anyone can play power chords and be a “rocker”. Way to go Fieldy. I remember playing shit like that when I was 13. And that was 13 years ago.

  • jpmonster90

    Wow this shit was gay. these people suck. and they call themselves musicians? They still play their instruments like they’re still 15yrs old. Fuck, I know kids that are infinitely better musicians then this gayfest. In fact, the singer of Black Tide is half their age and he destroys this whole band in every way. really sad these guys have their heads so far up their ass.

  • Stenny

    Lame riffs. “Wuv” is a solid drummer though