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Nine Inch Nails Frontman In Talks For “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” Film

According to Entertainment Weekly, Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor is being courted to both score and appear in the upcoming film adaptation of the book, “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter“.


  • Aries Veil

    After TR and AR’s Oscar win last Sunday I didn’t think they needed to do anything anymore but retire. Really interested in see’ing how this pans out if he takes it.

  • nothing

    Excuse me, I’m calling bullshit!

    A lesson in flubbing a headline in order to generate cheap buzz

  • the hidden agenda

    Regaurdless of Trent’s involvment in the film itself, I’m excited that they are making a moive of this. I loved the book.

  • will

    don’t care for NIN or trent. but, this book sounds badass. is it really about our former president killing some vampires? sounds sweet.

  • Surly

    hidden agenda – you’re really killing it on the CS section lately. I’m not jealous by the way…sort of. ;-)

  • southpawchew

    Still gotta see the social network I wanna see why Trent got an oscar

  • Kent Brockman

    check this out, from SN’s sondtrack. Definitely my favourite:

  • Surly

    Blast from the past – ‘Still’ sessions:

  • dcthestar

    I’m usually pretty open minded and unbiased but trent/NIN is masterful compared to some of the stuff I have seen you guys drool over. Seriously…..

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