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Dance Gavin Dance/Emarosa Frontman Checks Into Detox, Statement Available

Amid various allegations of defrauding fans over the internet for computer hardware that never arrived, Emarosa/Dance Gavin Dance frontman Jonny Craig has checked himself into a detox facility in North Hollywood, CA for drug addiction.

Both Rise Records and Artery Foundation Artist Management have assumed financial responsibilities to repay those who were ripped off by Craig. In light of the situation, former Tides Of Man vocalist Tilian Pearson has been brought onboard to fill in for Craig on Emarosa‘s tour with Chiodos.

For now, a joint statement from Craig Ericson of Rise Records and Eric Rushing of the Artery Foundation was issued to and can be read below:

“In regards to Jonny Craig; Jonny has checked himself into a professional detox treatment facility located in North Hollywood, CA. His addiction needed immediate attention and with the help from MusiCares, we were able to make it happen. Rise Records and Artery Management will reimburse all people who Jonny took advantage of financially.

No one will be getting ripped off and we’d all like to issue a public apology to anyone who had been taken advantage of. Regarding live performances: the Emarosa/Chiodos tour will continue as planned with Tilian Pearson (former vocalist of Tides of Man) filling in for Jonny. All scheduled Dance Gavin Dance shows will happen as planned next month and beyond. Everyone from his team wishes Jonny the best in his recovery. We’re all looking forward to the new and improved Jonny.”


  • Obi-Juan Valdez

    When indy record labels start paying for rehab, that’s a bad sign.

  • XarchcitectX

    it didnt say anywhere in there that the record labels were paying for that…

  • Surly

    ^^Yes they did…*eye rollz*
    “Rise Records and Artery Management will reimburse all people who Jonny took advantage of financially.”

  • taplinca

    They didn’t say anything about paying for rehab *eye roll*
    They said they would pay people back for the imaginary macbooks jonny loved to sell so much so he could buy drugs and then enter rehab.

  • jayofdajungle

    He got to have a “last” hurrah on his fan’s dime, and then get’s bailed out by his label. Plus he checks into detox, probably one of those wake up in ten days free of the chemical dependence dealies, so he can get extra high when he claims he’s cured and skips the actual REHAB

  • jayofdajungle


  • Gifford

    the label is going through MusiCares to pay for his rehab, so they technically are taking care of his rehab for him. for some god awful reason they think they need this fucker that bad. shit.
    addictions aside, i hope someone fights him or at least throws something at him over the macbook scandal at one of his shows.

  • zomgpapi

    Aside that someone should throw a macbook at him, sounds to me like someone should be out of a job. I’m sure there’s a hundred other people out there that can do what he does but better and would give anything to quite their shitty job.

  • AMeN

    Wow this guy is so lucky, hilarious that he lied about everything and was so adamant that he was innocent. I bet he relapses within the next year, watch this space!

  • LightsInTheSky

    Dance Methadone Dance

  • Surly

    Gifford – thank you for the clarification. I knew there was something additional there. Anyway, I can understand why they are, to an extent. They realise that this is quite a blemish on their label’s name and want to show that they care. It would look pretty puerile/immature for them to just turn their back on such a serious issue, no matter how much of a dickhead Jonny Craig is and has been.

  • Gifford

    i understand that the label is trying to clear their names as well as Artery’s. But you can definitely tell the label is bending over backwards for Craig, ever since they lost TDWP off of their roster they dont have a “superstar” as their ringer anymore. i betcha you wont see Rise or Artery doing as much for their other artists as their doing for this fuck, which in my opinion is very fucking sad and why im slowly but surely losing hope in the fate of music now a days.

  • ballsofmetal

    First of all kudos to the record label for clearing their name and for at least helping Craig in his rehab. I think the band and the label should fire his ass anyways but at the least they can help him get his shit straight so they can’t be blamed for not doing anything. Not to compare Dillinger but if Dillinger could find a frontman after having Patton These guys could totally do the same.

  • jayofdajungle

    @ballsofmetal When original DEP singer Dmitri Minakakas left they replaced him with with Greg Puciato. Greg was apart of the band for like a year already when they did the EP with Patton, though the plans to do the EP were made before Greg was hired.

  • jayofdajungle

    Patton was never the frontman of DEP, it was just a one-off

  • ballsofmetal

    I knew the Patton EP was a one off but I didn’t know they already had Greg. That’s cool shit. Thanks!