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Dance Gavin Dance Frontman Alleged To Have Scammed Fans Online

Dance Gavin Dance/Emarosa frontman Jonny Craig has found himself faced with allegations that he has bilked his fans out of thousands of dollars for the sales of laptops that never arrived. Craig is alleged to have lined up sales of his own computer hardware through various social networking platforms only to never send the items to those who purchased them. An extensive report on the matter can be found over at

Craig meanwhile has been insisting on his Twitter that he was the victim of hacking/identity theft.


  • Surly

    Jonny Craig has always been a shifty bastard. I’m surprised his DGD bra’s let him back into the band after they originally kicked him out for being a degenerate. Having said that I really like the first Emarosa record.

  • jayofdajungle

    I can’t get enough of this story. The people he scammed have to be so stupid, how many macbooks can one semi-famous, obvious drug addict have?

  • Gifford

    yeah their never getting their money back, they might as well go ahead and kick his ass next time they see him. He’s a fucking asshole and a talentless addict, and i hope DGD kicks him off a bridge next time .

  • AMeN

    I got a leaked version of the new DGD album and it’s fucking top notch, best kind of post-hardcore album I’ve heard in a long time. Saying that I heard this dude was a dodgy fuck, funny I imagine nothing is going to happen to him from a legal standpoint.

  • dtlmetal

    I heard a couple tracks off the new DGD album as well, and yeah, it’s really decent. Too bad. Saw emarosa awhile back with this guy and hung out with them after the show….he was shaaaaaady. It didn’t seem like his own bandmates could barely even stand him. None of this is surprising.

  • Surly

    @jay – yeah, you’ve got to be an idiot to even trust the guy in the first place. Especially given his history.

  • FP

    really? lol ok guys I’m selling my imacthingy as well..let me snap some pics…fucking morons

  • Surly
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