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Emmure – Speaker Of The Dead

Victory Records 2011
Emmure - Speaker Of The Dead

When listening to Emmure‘s “Speaker Of The Dead” it’s hard not to be reminded of the third and fourth generation nu-metal acts who tried to stake their claim in the early to mid 2000’s. Much like the No One‘s and the 3rd Strike‘s of the world; Emmure don’t necessarily have the creativity or instrumental ability to match their deathcore peers and are reduced to emulation and gimmickry to make their mark, rather than rely on proficiency or innovation.

In fact, using a nu-metal analogy is not lost on “Speaker Of The Dead“. For the ill-fated genre’s painfully dated traits are proudly exhibited here through excessive bellow and refrain vocals, mild spoken/sung raps and discordant guitar squelches and squeals. To be fair one may give the band merit for at least being somewhat unique in combining these elements with the heavier characteristics of deathcore to set themselves apart.

What isn’t meritorious though is the lack of sonic identity or the painfully cluttered, simplistic songwriting. The tracks featured here are often so formulaic that even the choruses are barely enough to differentiate them. Breakdowns are piled up atop more breakdowns while monotonous gruff vocals, noisy guitar histrionics, detuned chug riffs and bass dives all repeat at predictable intervals.

For a band that loves breakdowns as much as Emmure one would expect them to move at least 5 frets up or down the neck, but this rarely the case. It’s not just the limited playing ability that holds this album back though. The lyrics are no better.

Take for instance “Drug Dealer Friend“, which repeats the line or slight variants of “I want to watch you suck his dick, I know you fucking love it, bitch.” Now this may work when you have pre-teen scene girls giggling and shouting it back. But if the band can pull if off live with a crowd of New Era adorned steakheads, the results will likely be far more comedic than originally intended.

In so many ways Emmure have established themselves as the Limp Bizkit of the deathcore genre – except without any of the notable instrumental ability. An almost cartoon-like exaggeration where shock tactic lyrics, cheesy hooks and street grime imagery desperately try to hide weak songwriting and pedestrian musicianship. To put it bluntly, with “Speaker Of The DeadEmmure have delivered their own modern day “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water“.

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  • American_Natemare

    The last paragraph alone is hilarious. Flat-billed cap wearing kids unite!

  • Surly

    Steakheads. :-D

  • Obi-Juan Valdez

    never in a million years would I think I would see a review with a Rakim lyric on this website. EVER.

  • AMeN

    “But if the band can pull if off live with a crowd of New Era adorned steakheads, the results will likely be far more comedic than originally intended,” This is probably the greatest line in any album review ever, wookubus you rock my world.

  • Vautour

    Most predictable review ever.

  • 9 Ounce Prime

    Predictable.. In much the same way that one might “predict” that Roseanne Barr’s vagina is not something a rationally thinking heterosexual would desire on his face.

  • Viking

    OK, I’m not an Emmure fan or a deathcore fan in general (though I prefer to ignore it rather than bash it), but… DO NOT mention 3rd Strike and No One in the same sentence. If I blasted their respective sole albums at full volume while driving, with 3rd Strike I would blush and want to kill myself. With No One I would turn it to 11. Seriously, I feel that record holds up damn well, and although it was conceived and released within the context of the nu-metal craze, it’s much more than that. After 10 years, not a guilty pleasure, just a pleasure. That says something. …sorry guys, I’m somewhere between tipsy and drunk right now.

  • Disfigured

    every time I sign onto the PRP, Emmure is a different genre. i’ve seen everything here from crabcore to deathcore.

  • scorpions

    It’s a really fun one trick pony… Brutal paws of fury was the same way

  • blindtrip

    I think the real issue here is as to why the PRP continues to review shitty albums. If the album sucks don’t review it…why not review albums that are good that nobody really knows about. I mean seriously these bands can’t fool anyone with their cool band logo’s and awesome haircuts and eyeliner.

    Great job for reviewing the Hauting and Emmure, now there’s two great bands with substance and timelessness…

  • allichs

    Why take Emmure so serious? It’s just a fun band for people who can’t get enough of breakdowns. The review and comments are as predicatble as the record itself.

  • hXcDUFF83

    well glad to see the complete unbiased opinion in this review… more and more this site becomes a joke to me… look i know its nothing ground breaking but jesus, could you be any more of a little bitch in your reviewing of the album? if you hate it so much, why review the style of music or post any of the bands news… wow.

  • shelloflight

    @blindtrip the reason a site reviews an album by Emmure is because it gets hits to the page. That’s it. Make it an inflammatory review and it gets even more. Business. If you only review albums no one really knows about, no one really comes to your site.

  • Relentless_Beating

    @Vautour. It’s a predictable review to you cause what was said happens to be a true fact, but you’re obviously a blind Emmure fan, so now you’re all butt hurt that everyone else with a taste for good music, hates them.

  • Bitter Old Man

    @shelloflight: good point….I was about to say I can’t believe wook even took the time to write this review up because this band obviously sucks, but people are drawn to shit. But we are also drawn to good music, so it is still kind of surprising wook put time into this, but didn’t review, say, the new Crowbar album. Where’s the review for “Sever the Wicked Hand” wook???!!!

  • robichaud1

    “Emmure have established themselves as the Limp Bizkit of the deathcore genre – except without any of the notable instrumental ability” OUCH! Hilarious. Fierce. Love it.
    Re: why not just review good albums – Um… isn’t the only way to figure if it’s good is by reviewing it? Think so.
    @hxcDuff – This isn’t Wook’s Page Of Music He Likes. He has to post greatness and shit, and it’s all subjective. At least this review had some meat in it. I can’t stand bullshit canned reviews like “The band have/not progressed. It recalls their earlier work. It’s a departure. Blah fuckin’ blah.” This was great.

    For every High On Fire (woo!) review, there has to be an Emmure (boo!) review. Balance, maaaaan.

  • cma3585

    I love how Wook continues to shit all over nu-metal in his modern reviews when he can when he probably gave No One’s album a 3/5 back in the day. Interesting that the archive of reviews are no longer available.

  • Tom
    dipshit. there isnt a no one review btw.

  • badfish

    I kind of expected a shitty review. But oh well. This album is fun to listen to and whats awesome about Emmure is that all their albums are consistent unlike a lot of other bands when it comes to their next releases. I expected emmure to bring a breakdown riddled album and i Got it. Like Korn, first album awesome, then from then on they got shittier and shittier, More experimental. Looking forward to more music by emmure and im Going to see them in March, going have a shit ton of fun

  • HonoluluBlueBalls

    Great review–accurate and hilarious. To those who feel some level of anal discomfort because wook gave Emmure a shit review, get over it. Emmure news gets posted on the site because it’s a fucking metal and hardcore news site. That hardly means that the powers that be like every piece of shit band they feel compelled to share news about. Also, all reviews are biased by definition, but theprp has happened to give out plenty of favorable reviews in the past year or so, Trap Them, The Ocean, The Sword, TCV, Deftones and Intronaut come to mind. Stitch up those puckerholes and move on kids.

  • will

    haters (or emmure lovers/ whatever) have just been power slammed via h.blueballs.

  • revstevo

    as a reader of this site for at least 11 years now i have never seen a review from wook worded anything like this, and i fucking love it. i second honolulu. call it predictable (the review…and, well, the album too) but a site that’s maintained its integrity for over decade is entitled to speak freely at some point, for fuck’s sake.

  • revstevo

    and btw, “Emmure have established themselves as the Limp Bizkit of the deathcore genre” totally deserves to be the Community Service quote. beats the shit out of the He is Legend guy misreading someone’s sarcasm.

  • Surly

    ^^it certainly made the post far more amusing that he did misread it. Being curious and bored will get you ever time. Another amusing point is if you reread “Being curious” guaranteed your mind thinks “Bi-curious”. Maybe that would alleviate his boredom. Either way, shit would be solved if they simply threw in more screaming and breakdowns like Emmure.

  • Russ2theCORE

    This is a fantastic review, even though I think 1 out of 5 is still too high. Also, as for the review by @allichs asking “Why take Emmure so serious?”, maybe people would take them less serious when those dudes stop taking themselves so seriously and take the sticks out of their rectums and instruments out of their hands.

  • Livedefflo

    who cares about lyrics when you can’t understand them anyways, aside from that note, the music is badassery and i’ve not been listening to metal lately cuz it all sounds the same, this is actually a refreshing listen =)

  • monkeywithagun

    Oh figures, these fags would be on Victory records.

  • rreddrop

    “i’ve not been listening to metal lately cuz it all sounds the same, this is actually a refreshing listen” @livedefflo What the hell have you been listening to that makes this refreshing?

  • southpawchew


  • Aggroculture

    From what I have heard of Emmure, they have nothing of Limp Bizkit’s talent for writing catchy songs. Also yes, the shitting on nu metal is a little old, especially for a place (the Pimp Rock Palace) that built its name on nu-metal’s fortune.

  • Vautour

    I honestly don’t give a fuck about your or anybody else’s opinion about Emmure. But I’m happy that you find a review pleasing that was obviously only written for the sake of pleasing people who hate Emmure. Life can be so simple.

  • metalfag

    Some of these shit-talking comments could totally be great lyrics for Emmure’s NEXT album!! I fuckin love it.
    I bought this cd and got everything I’d expected out of it. Sure, Emmure doesn’t have the most elaborate song structure or super deep meaningful messages in their lyrics, but they do what they do well, and I appreciate that.

  • Surly

    “Emmure is an American Wiggercore band.” – – Ha!

  • I Am Legend

    ya know, i think Emmure is just as terrible as the next person… but i will say that if they just dropped the brainless lyrics that are far too often “rapped” or spoken in a cheesy fuckin way and just stuck to screaming/growling, or just dropped the vocalist completely, i’d be more than willing to blast their 3-minute long breakdowns that they call “songs” out of my car windows as i’m driving along… i guess i’m saying that if they released an instrumental of this album, THAT would worth picking up, just for the mindless heaviness of it.

  • stevehaize

    most accurate review i’ve read on this site. shit band, shit album.

  • idempotent

    meanwhile vegetarians keep giving crap reviews to all steakhouses…

    If you are fundamentally opposed to an entire genre, you probably shouldn’t be reviewing any album in that genre.

  • American_Natemare

    @idempotent Actually, is us vegans that are shutting down the steakhouses.

  • Thepatriot420

    Emmure and Bury Your Dead w/Mat Bruso only made this type of music fun to listen to again. The bands that have fun with it because they want this type of music to represent them. whats wrong with that…this deathcore label means nothing thats not them i the first place…there jsut a heavy rockband once the imagery is gone….there are some good things about this album…..the production
    is great..very loud and not muffuled in the earphones….great cd to piss someone off

  • ballsofmetal

    I love Wook. Couldn’t be more straight to the point. This band sucks cause most people with decent taste in music realize this and agree. Emmure gets lots of hits so of course prp should review it, good or bad. The only people I know that really like Emmure are all the little high school age scene kids. Most people I know agree that Emmure is good shit to just blast out of your car to scare the homies but that’s about it. And even at that they’re better bands to play lol.

  • Livedefflo

    @rredrop – I’ve always listened to bands like Fear Factory, Chimera, Shadows Fall, All That Remains, etc etc, all these bands have kept rehashing the same stuff over and over, no new metal band out there has a single unique voice. The reason i like this Emmure album is because it is a “bit” different than most of the metal/deathcore bands out there. This album is all about fun and being hype. I had never heard of Emmure until i saw them on this website. Whoever reviewed this album and gave it such a shit rating on this site is a complete moron seeing as how the new Fear Factory got such great reviews is beyond me.

  • Viking

    The new Fear Factory is a career-topping masterpiece from a band that’s ALWAYS had a unique voice and never put out two of the same album. Chimaira and Shadows Fall are right up there too; they have instantly identifiable sounds. Ditto for many, many other metal bands worldwide, so what’s beyond me is how you had to stoop to holding up EMMURE, of all things, as an example of how to “stay fresh.” From all I’ve heard from them, it’s just… breakdowns. That seems to be about it.

  • jpmonster90

    @ Livedefflo, You must not really listen to a whole lot of deathcore music cause to say Emmure sounds s “bit” different is certainly a “bit” of a stretch. Viking is right, all those bands you just mentioned for the most part “are” different and have an instant identifiable sound. I don’t see why any of those bands would change that. I mean, yeah the last FF record wasn’t the best album they ever did but it’s still pretty solid and Final Exit without question is one of the best songs they’ve ever written.
    And btw, Wook is the one that had the displeasure of reviewing Emmure. He’s been reviewing CD’s on this site for about 10yrs now and I gotta say, in all the years i been coming here I didn’t’ agree with his reviews 100% of the time but I’ve probably agreed with him 9 out of 10 times. And even when I didn’t agree I could see where he was coming from and always felt he got his point across effectively.

  • zomgpapi

    This shit sucks……..

  • Kydox

    I loved it, it’s like this band got rid of all the boring shit to get to the one part you cared about and repeated over and over in songs. Yeah they are NOT musically talented, anyone can wear out that open chord. But hell I love it. It makes me wanna stab grandma’s in the gut.

  • Kydox

    and no, i’m not a scene kid or a high skewl kid either.

  • Surly

    “It makes me wanna stab grandma’s in the gut.” – why would you even say something like that?

  • ballsofmetal

    I think one of the band members is a Jets fan. That would explain why they suck.

  • AMeN

    I love how people on this site who have the most objective view on news and album reviews, also have the best spelling, coincidence?

  • Kydox

    @Surly, it’s more of a metaphor than anything, like music that makes you so angry you wanna do something bad to a sweet old lady, or perhaps a comical phrase.

  • Weird_White_Dude

    Hmm. Wonder if this record has any breakdowns. ;)

  • Emoholocaust287

    You could play this bands song with one hand they must not like the fretboard too much

  • monkeywithagun

    I found this old review wow this was a piece of shit album, Even back when it came out. I was into Nu-metal at the time and, I hated Primitive.
    Soulfly – Primitive – 4.5

    Anyways I think this Emmure CD is 13-15 years too late. Not saying this shti is goodbut, You know most of you would of been rocking this back in the day. Probably myself included.

  • ballsofmetal

    oh hell yeah, if Emmure came out with this shit 10yrs ago they would have been Gods lol.

  • buzzkillington

    I cant get over the stupid sticker on the cover.Something bout a slowed down hatebreed fighting acia strain and deftones blah blah blah.That says unoriginal right there.I have listened to it and it is pretty heavy though.

  • Dr.T

    very good.. but more the same Emmure
    much KoRn, few Personal