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New Solo Release From Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky In The Works

Cave In frontman Stephen Brodsky will release two songs through Little Black Cloud Records in the coming months. Brodsky recently debuted both tracks (“Muddy Jars” and a cover of Lee Hazelwood‘s “Your Sweet Love“) on Youtube with that video once again available below:


  • Obi-Juan Valdez (formerly Rasputinmetalguy)

    hey, can someone do an emo intervention for this guy before it’s too late?

  • FP

    Stephen Brodsky is FAR from emo obi lol…I saw him on his last solo tour and he pretty much stole the show from every band on that bill.

  • American_Natemare

    I love his solo stuff. I wouldn’t call it emo (basically because I think emo is a lame term. what band isn’t emotional?). If his solo stuff sounded like Cave In, what would be the point?

  • Obi-Juan Valdez (formerly Rasputinmetalguy)

    I don’t mean the music, I mean the emo song titles, the “taking a picture of yourself in a mirror while looking goofy wearing headphones” deal, etc.

  • American_Natemare

    It’s cool, dude. Everyone has their opinions. I think the picture is funny because he kinda looks like Paul Reubens.

  • robichaud1

    @Obi-Jaun Will Know Us By The Trail of Rasputin – I thought your “taking a picture…” thing was actually a song title, ha ha!

  • buttcrackguy

    This music has the same vibe as standing in an alley behind a bar getting a hand job from a forty year old fat skank wearing a leather Harley vest.

  • Kent Brockman

    So it’s good ol’ fashioned then? ;)

  • Stenny

    Lee Hazelwood is the shit.

    I prefer my Brodsky with a pulse.