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The Autumn Offering Speak Out Against Victory Records, Discuss Future Plans

The Autumn Offering‘s Matt McChesney recently took to the groups Myspace to speak out against their label Victory Records and discuss his progress with his new project with band guitarist Jesse Nunn. Here’s what he had to say:

“Now that the dust has settled a bit, here’s the story:

We could no longer function as a band on Victory Records. They are criminals of the worst kind, and care nothing about the artists on their roster. Not going to get into a bunch of boring shit about record labels and money, but anyone with half a brain can see what was going on here. We were never dropped or anything like that, and as far as I can see they still have us listed on their artist roster. Whatever. Maybe one day when heavy music gets cool again, we’ll make some more records…but in this current climate of “djent” shit and deathcore, no thanks.

Most of those bands sound like furniture being moved around in an empty room. In the meantime, Jesse and myseld have completed 14 songs with producer Logan Mader (Five Finger Death Punch, Divine Heresy, Cavelera Conspiracy) in Hollywood over the past 3 months. Its great stuff…kind of like Alice in Chains meets Faith No More, with a little bit of metal thrown in. We don’t have a name yet…just focusing on finishing the album first…I’ll keep you posted!!”

In addition to that, it looks as though some The Autumn Offering shows will soon take place on the west coast with a temporarily re-tooled lineup that includes Jonny Santos of Spineshank/Silent Civilian. The following was offered on that:

“NEW AUTUMN OFFERING SHOWS!! First off, this is just for fun. We haven’t replaced Tommy or Brian, but they are off doing their own thing and Jesse, Carl, and myself are busy with our new band. Our good friends Jonny Santos and Phil are stepping in to help out…for now these will only be west coast dates. More info soon!”

The Autumn Offering originally went on hiatus late last year.


  • Kent Brockman

    Boss hogg! Their 2010 offering was stellar and I assumed they broke up, soooo good news. Also, I was thinking to myself, what the fuck is djent? I googled it and apparently it is an old old wooden ship that was used during the civil war era.

  • monkeywithagun

    Djent looked it up on Urban Dictionary.

    Djent is used to describe a certain kind of guitar tone characterized by medium-high gain, a quick-release noise gate to emphasize staccato playing, a cut of most bass below 200Hz for a tight low end, a slight boost around 800hz for clarity, and a noticeable boost around 1.6Khz to emphasize pick attack. When a two-octave power chord is palm-muted with this tone, a “djent” sound is created rather than the typical chunkier sound.

    Djent also refers to repeated staccato playing of the lowest-pitch string on a detuned 6 string or 7 string guitar with a powerful attack such that the string goes very slightly sharp upon the pick’s release from the string. Lower-gauge strings are used to facilitate this.

    Djent tone is many times created using a Line 6 amp modeling product such as the Pod series or the Axe-Fx. When possible, an amp model such as the Big Bottom or Modern High Gain on these devices is used in conjunction with a modeled Tube Screamer in front. Engl and Mesa amplifiers are typically used when tube amplification is preferred.

    Djent is widely acknowledged to have come first from Meshuggah, but Misha ‘Bulb’ Mansoor has arguably popularized the sound. Djent’s typical uses give rise to a “genre” of djent that is characterized by hi-fi compressed production, polyrhythmic/staccato distorted riffs and ambient clean passages which make liberal use of 9 and other “jazzy” chords. Electronica influences such as glitchy percussion and synthesizers are also incorporated.

  • American_Natemare

    Im not really into this band but fuck Victory records. That label and Tooth and Nail are what is wrong with hardcore/punk/metal these days. They sign up every mediocre band and then ignore them when they don’t make any money or just promote shitty bands and ignore the 1 or 2 good bands they accidentally signed.

  • theguilty1

    What a big fucking baby. They sound like every other metalcore band from the last five years, except for adding some really bad Jeff Hanneman solos. Sorry that your band’s trendy sound was pushed aside for the new trendy sound. Fucking whiner.

  • RxInfection

    Ah, “Djent”. Now I have a name for a style of music that has become completely uninteresting to me. There’s a few bands around here who have been playing that kind of shit for the past 5 or 6 years, not appealing to me at all. I’ll stick with raw shit like Chariot and Converge.

  • Kent Brockman

    From what I can tell just off the top of my head, Animals As Leaders, The Contortionist, I Am Abomination and especially Meshuggah all employ this ‘djent’ technique, though I’ve never heard the phrase before now. Me gusto.

  • buttcrackguy

    90% of the bands we read about on this site wish they could play like Jeff Hanneman.

  • hXcDUFF83

    is djent the new “glib” why are you acting so glib matt?

  • ProtestedGyro

    This is what I read in a nutshell:

    “Victory Records sucks. I’m in a butt rock band. I’m jealous of musical styles that are better than any of my output. Be on the lookout for more sub-par shit from me.”

  • Livedefflo

    Most record labels are truly crooks and care only about money. I used to love Victory Records bands and have always stuck behind them. After doing research about VR I’ve discovered that The Autumn Offering isn’t lying. Screw Victory Records. That should be their new band name =) I’m interested in hearing what AIC v/s Faith No More will sound like coming from them!

  • jpmonster90

    This isn’t the first time I hear this. Years ago, like early 2000′s prp posted a similar rant from Thursday bashing Victory for the same things, calling them criminals, that their just number crunchers. They even called out one specific guy (I assume their A&R guy).
    Now, kudos to monekywithagun. I had no fucking idea what djent was till now. It’s so awesome when you learn something new on prp. Kent, your attempt was noble, nice to now it’s also an old ship lol.

  • RhiNo

    The Autumn Offering’s latest release is pretty damn solid. Much heavier than prior records of theirs. Anyway, it is all about money. More than likely it is nothing personal, if he was in the A&R spot, he’d be like… they aren’t making cash… end this shit, it is no longer worth our time. (well I am sure they made cash off them, but not like they want)… eh

  • solitaryscience

    ProtestedGyro summed it up

  • deafappleseed

    djent-see Periphery


    Yeah, who could have known that Victory, a label started for releasing underground hardcore, and now known for Taking Back Sunday and Hawthorne Heights, would be in it for the money?!

  • will

    Victory Records does blow these days. I agree with American_Natemare: they and a few other labels who were hot in the 90s scene with talent are now signing bands now just to make $$$$$.
    That said, this band Autumn Offering blow dick. lots! they are getting the boot because they blow and don’t sell. shoulda woulda coulda used auto tune on the vocals boyz. could have sold more units.

  • MakeShftProtocol

    They signed the contract…they should have read it. If you can’t put up the numbers…get in line behind all the other metal bands that sound just like you in the unemployment line. Maybe what it comes down to is the music not actually being original enough for the label or anyone else to give 2 dumps about.

  • AMeN

    This label sounds like it is/has turned into Trustkill, ie fucking bands over, greedy CEO, poor support etc… I remember when bands like Snapcase, Earth Crisis and the like were tearing shit up on Victory Records now, and it seems these days all they are doing is promoting bands like A Day to Remember. Granted there are a couple of amazing bands still on the label, Within The Ruins, The Warriors, Between the Buried and me to name a few.