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Lineup Revealed For “Atticus Metal Tour III” (Updated)

The alleged lineup for this years edition of “The Atticus Metal Tour” recently slipped out through a listing on a venues website (which has since been removed.) The listing implied that the following bands would be taking part in the trek:

Born Of Osiris
Darkest Hour
Sleeping Giant
As Blood Runs Black
The Human Abstract

However, a recent posting on the tours Facebook reads as follows:

Some news sites are claiming to know the line up, and well some of the bands may be correct, some are not. Stay here, the official announcement is Monday.


  • KamuiX

    Still befuddles me why bands like Darkest Hour and The Human Abstract have to be saddled with garbage touring bands.

  • SMF360

    Straight up nasty tour!!! Ive seen everyone of them but sleeping giant on seperate tours and it will be great to put them together. Love it if THA headlines though

  • SteveTango

    Mmmm, Darkest Hour and Born of Osiris on the same bill. Tasty. BOO’s new stuff from their studio updates sounds really really good.

  • monkeywithagun

    I don’t know much about Human abstract or sleeping giant the other three bands suck. Yeah I won’t be goign to this.

  • will

    Darkest Hour own. the rest suck.

  • cma3585

    I’d go. Darkest Hour + The Human Abstract = win.

  • adamonfire

    Only one I’m familiar with is DH and I saw them open-up for Killswitch – they put on a good show.

  • Kent Brockman

    Born of Osiris: Fantastic
    Darkest Hour: Meh.
    Sleeping Giant: Fuck yes.
    As Blood Runs Black: See Sleeping Giant
    The Human Abstract: Dear Lord, this is going to be a kickass tour.

  • will

    darkest hour has been jamming since the others were sperm. DH = royalty

  • Gifford

    darkest hour is metal royalty.
    if your going to this and darkest hour is not a reason on your list you should evaluate your existence as a human being and why you got into metal in the first place.
    but finally a fucking tour worth trying to catch.

  • dtlmetal

    Great lineup. Some better than others, but all are decent.

  • Kent Brockman

    I would’ve gone just for Sleeping Giant, it’s too damn bad they are just supporting the West coast leg.