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Times Of Grace Debut “Strength In Numbers” Music Video

Times Of Grace‘s (Killswitch Engage, The Empire Shall Fall) new music video for their track “Strength In Numbers” has debuted online via and can be seen below.

The song serves as the first official single from the groups forthcoming debut album “The Hymn Of A Broken Man“, which has been slated for a January 18th release date through Roadrunner.


  • allichs

    The most pathetic wall of death that I have seen.

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    great song, good video. cant wait for more…

  • adamonfire

    Hey Adam D, do me a favor and either get back in the studio or go on tour with Killswitch, plzkthx. While I loved the “Philswitch” experiment on the last tour, I’d like to see Howard performing the songs from the latest record.

  • RhiNo

    Whose latest record? KsE’s? Cause I find their latest record weak… just my opinion…

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    no Rhino youre right, the last KSE record was weak, thanks to Howard. Heres how the vocals breakdown: misguided black angst, melancholy crooning, introspective whispers, more misguided black angst. Oh, and apparently ‘nothing can change what youve done’, and also, ‘nothing can change’ the way he feels…like a vagina.

  • adamonfire

    Their lyrics well never be Bad Religion or Rage Against the Machine good, but ‘Never Again’ certainly jumped up to my #1 favorite song by the group – I love it.

  • southpawchew

    nothing that kse released after the first cd will top the stuff on the first cd, that said they put on a good show even if the music is weak. i would muchhhh rather see this then kse again

  • Viking

    @southpawchew – I don’t know man, the debut was a solid first effort, but I think AOJB is the unsurpassed album. There’s a reason it made such huge waves in the metal scene 8 years ago, and I remember it like yesterday! I wish I could relive those days, when the emerging metalcore giants didn’t suck, and that genre hadn’t been co-opted by emo kids…

  • adamonfire

    I didn’t get into them until the period right before TEoH, so I was a pretty big fan of AoJB but I still prefer Howard.

  • Undertow101

    Alive or just breathing is great album

  • southpawchew

    Aojb is what I ment

  • Bitter Old Man

    Cool song and cool video. Looking forward to the release. Sounds similar, but yet a bit different from old KSE which is a good thing.

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