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Attack Attack! Guitarist Johnny Franck Leaves Band To “Refocus On God”

Attack Attack! guitarist/vocalist Johnny Franck has exited the band in order to “refocus his life on god.” He announced his decision to exit the group with the following video:


  • AMeN

    I was so disappointed when I found out comments were disabled on the youtube video, I was just going to let loose. Anyway this guy comes across as such a giant douche I just want to throw bibles at his head or something.

  • Afghanistam

    what a fag

  • warofallwars

    Got caught up suckin 1 to many dicks on the road?

  • jhk89

    wow, who fuckin cares. the band is awful anyways

  • Of_One

    Refocus on God?


  • rasputinmetalguy

    go start a band with Head, asshole.

  • etid

    Way to embed an ad into your farewell video. Money money money money. Seems about in line with you wanting to get back on good terms with your fictitious space zombie.

  • will

    what will he do now? red lobster? blowing Head from Korn? who knows.
    fucker said “uh” 10 times in the first minute.

  • will

    ps. band blow major dick. so “uh” who gives shit. I’m sure even GOD does not care at “uh..” this point.

  • will


  • adamonfire

    He answered the call of his local Craigslist to protest Planned Parenthood on a permanent basis.

  • Ganglor

    I don’t think it’s fair to play the God card when if there really was a God this entire band would have been wiped from the earth a looong time ago.

  • monkeywithagun

    Wow this guy annoyed me halfway through the video I shut it off. why did i watch this video? I have no idea? i don’t give a fuck about this shitty band.

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    As a non-religious dude.. I’m a hater of this band, but Don’t hate personal decisions. Let him

  • PDXposeur

    I’m sure that because his band sucks and that he’s not getting head from groupies every night and making a ton of cash has nothing to do with his decision.

  • revstevo

    well i suppose he can pray for talent now that he’s not busy doing that fucking “crabcore” thing

  • AMeN

    That’s the irony right, I mean if there is/was a god, surely he would be so fucking pissed stupid kids are exploiting his teachings for money, they would never indulge in such a thing because they would know the wraith that will be laid down upon them!!!!111oneoneoene

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    It is an excessive reason, but then God obviously knew this band ate assholes for breakfast

  • allichs

    haha, i can’t watch the video as a non-american :D

  • rbsuitcase

    Oh man this band iam in sucks. What should I tell them? “hey guys sorry I have to quit I need to water my grass.” no, no not good enough. “Hey guys I need to quit I have to worship the lord.” yes! yes thats it.

  • RxInfection

    This is what happens when you tour with Emmure.

  • TattooPanda

    …could’ve atleast capitalized the “G” in God properly, for those of use who aren’t so closed minded to step on others beliefs even though they don’t fall in line with our own. plus, it’s just proper grammar. but hey, this is a metal website. and i’m nit-picking.

  • robichaud1

    Yeah, really, big “G” needed here, unless the god he’s off to worship is Thor. I accept whatever people wanna do with their lives, but whenever a musician “sees the light” and wants to follow it, why do they feel the need to “Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop everything… Jesus is the MAN, man!” Why? Well, it’s because a lot of these guys see themselves as missionaries (e.g. Head… ugh…) come to save the sinners. And their “coming out” to their atheist/Satan-worshipping fans is their first big statement about how much they loooove God. Worship (or don’t) who/what you want, but keep it off my fuckin’ doorstep and video player. I don’t come knocking at your door saying “Have you heard of the Big Bang? Priests touch kids? The Crusades killed thousands upon thousands? Insert other provocation to your beliefs?”. No. I keep it to myself, and those who want to discuss/hear it.
    I think God/universe/that-guy-in-the-3rd-Matrix-in-the-room-with-all-the-TVs laughs as much as these guys as he does to devil-worshipping blood-drinking yahoos.

  • robichaud1

    *at these guys*

  • jayofdajungle

    I usually get on afghanistam for being a homophobic asshole, but I have to agree after watching this, what a fag

  • Rufus Truthfist

    What robichaud1 said… once again, able to convey exactly how I feel these band members “coming out” as for jesus.

    Also, @tattoopanda, does pedobear capitalize the “g” in god?

  • Afghanistam

    to pick up on what robichaud was sayin’. The only god that deserves a capital letter in their title is indeed Thor…and Odin…………and Mikael Akerfeldt. Also fun fact. In the bands Clutch’s cd sleves if they have lyrics. Every time the word god is actually spelled backwards as dog.

  • Afghanistam

    wow I need to start proof reading. fml.

  • adamonfire
  • robichaud1

    @Afghan – “Clutch’s CD sleeves” No shit, eh? That’s great… never picked up on that. OMFD!

  • rageagainst123

    Who cares…Attack Attack is one THE worst bands of all time. Fuck that autotune hardcore pussy shit.


    neon bright american apparel clothing, gross sales, now descend greatly …….

  • badfish

    hahahah i am pretty sure this is most posts i have seen on any news recently.

  • Bitter Old Man

    Very well put robichaud! As annoying as this is we must look at the bright side…this is hopefully the end to one of the absolute worst bands in this generation. One at a time, gentleman, one at a time.

  • bradseven


  • jhk89

    i like bitter old mans thinking ha ha ha!

  • kevin kay

    You guys are all such fucking hypocrites.

    Re: Of_One

    really? a pussy for being true to himself? You must have been raised with parents who never loved you if you believe that some one is a pussy if they put their beliefs before fame….

    Re: etid

    He did not put ads in his video, you tube does that by itself. You are so fucking deluded. You right, its much more logical to believe in random meaningless existence than a god.

    AMeN said….”That’s the irony right, I mean if there is/was a god, surely he would be so fucking pissed stupid kids are exploiting his teachings for money”

    Right, and how the fuck is he getting money IF HE’S LEAVING THE BAND? think dumb asses.

    Re: rasputinmetalguy

    Of course I knew someone would mention head. That guy is in a better place because of his religious transition and that makes him wrong for some reason? Your a fucking loser who has never had success, or experienced God, so its natural for you to judge what you don’t understand. ; D

    The truth is I think Attack Attack is horrible.

    But I don’t judge someone when they talk about personal matters like their God. Would you rather him leave without an explanation, or tell us the truth? He gave some good moral advise too, which most of you losers wouldn’t care about, because your not doing anything with your lives anyway! ;)

    If you were, you wouldn’t be trying to disrespect a fellow human being with such vileness. You would be living your life, and wishing him the best. But your not, so your on here talking shit about this guy and his religious beliefs because you have nothing better to do. Its simple psychology.

    Its not a matter of his music, or God, its about showing respect for someones personal spiritual life choices.

    I feel sorry for all of you, wow.

  • kevin kay

    “And their “coming out” to their atheist/Satan-worshipping fans is their first big statement about how much they loooove God. Worship (or don’t) who/what you want, but keep it off my fuckin’ doorstep and video player. I don’t come knocking at your door saying “Have you heard of the Big Bang? Priests touch kids? The Crusades killed thousands upon thousands? Insert other provocation to your beliefs?”. No. I keep it to myself, and those who want to discuss/hear it.
    I think God/universe/that-guy-in-the-3rd-Matrix-in-the-room-with-all-the-TVs laughs as much as these guys as he does to devil-worshipping blood-drinking yahoos.”




  • Surly

    What a waste of time kevvy kay…and,

  • robichaud1

    Well then. *ahem* I guess that puts me in my place. I didn’t know the big bang proved god/God/GAWD!’s existence. Now I know. Sweet.
    Regarding your kneejerk rebuttal to my 3rd point: My saying “Priests touch kids” was an example of an ignorant individual desperately trying to poke holes in someone’s belief system, or lack of one. I’m glad you ate that up. I’m also glad you showed your true colours by assuming I’m an atheist. How tolerant and worldly of you. I will try to learn more “FUCKINF HISTORY” though. Don’t know much about fuckinf…
    You’re so angry about us yahoos slamming your boy’s “personal spiritual life choices”. Well, maybe he should’ve kept them personal. And yes, I would’ve preferred if he would’ve just left without telling us anything.
    And to some it all up, a favourite passage of mine from the book of Kevin, 10-19, 2:29 : “YOUR (sic) A DUMBASS”.
    Let us pray.

  • robichaud1

    *sum it all up* Shit… heh.

  • mongolianchopsquad

    These guys seem like they gather around everyday, thinking of new ideas of how to look more like douchebags. Crabcore, fighting like bitches, and now this.

  • Of_One

    Umm, Kay?
    Go fuck yourself :)

  • American_Natemare

    Wow, I didn’t know God used the internet and liked to curse so much. Religion coming alive in front of my eyes!

  • Surly

    Quite the revelation, eh Nate? Post-Modernist Christian, right there. Blur those boundaries some more (o)kay!

  • Surly

    And make sure you do it with CAPS champ.

  • AMeN

    Apparently grammar and punctuation aren’t necessary when regularly listening to shitty fucking bullshit crabcore scene fucking crabcrap; then discussing it on metal / hardcore websites…interesting. PUNCTUATION PUN, BEAT THAT SUCKA!!!!

  • Surly

    I’m just stinging for crustacean-core! You got crab-core, prawn-core, lobster-core, shrimp-core, barnacle-core….it’s going to be AWE-some.

  • theSugden

    If you’re bashing this guy for reevaluating his life, then you’re the douche bag. For those of you who know, the original Attack Attack had very Christian lyrics. Granted, they didn’t act like Christians, maybe that’s why the lyrics didn’t stay Christian. Their best album was Someday Came Suddenly… Funny how that works, this album got them big, the same album that had Christian lyrics… Now they’re falling apart… why? Maybe it has something to do with them losing the ability to glorify God through music.

    So if you have a problem with this guy for wanting to refocus on God, then maybe you should try to refocus on God… or maybe you should focus on God for the first time…

    So if you don’t know anything about Christianity or have never experienced it, then don’t just jump to saying this guy is an idiot.

    “He died for what he loved, and what he loved was you.”
    Original Attack Attack! lyrics, right there. Think about it

  • brunohxc

    Dude, i dont think its fair to build up something like AA, make ppl love ur music and when u got everyone listen to your music and watching you, you basically just dump everything just like that on everyones faces. its like if I was trying to make a girl that doesnt like me, fall inlove with me, and when she finally falls inlove i dump her just bc my mind is more set on her than god.. if u really love god then u should have him always present inside ur thoughts and in ur spirit, fucking pray, go to church in the whatever fucking city ur gonna play, if u want my opinion, i dont think God wouldve liked you doing that, cuz thats kinda selfish of you, and im sure being selfish is a sin.. Jesus preached his word to the world and you should get back in the fucking band and preach HIS word in ur fucking songs, .. just remember one thing man, “GOD wants spiritual fruits, NOT religious NUTS!”, peace.

    PS. My girlfriend and I, didnt kno u were out of the band, she noticed u werent playing at the show in tallahassee, i live in Ft. lauderdale u guys are playing here on the dec. 7th, and im not gonna go, and a bunch of ppl is either.. u fucked up ur band and all ur fans just bc ur so SELFISH! GTF BACK man!

  • w0rldbystrm

    Wow some of you guys are being really mean… He’s just doing what is best for him and you guys are just being really big dilldos… Thats just sad.

  • noappend

    Nobody hates him for leaving AA, or for trying to build his relationship back with God. I could care less, Little Richard did it, and eventually came back stronger than ever. But what pisses me off about this guy, is that he expects people to hand him money just so he can still create music… (I’m not really a fan of the guy to be honest, but even if I was, this would be ridiculous). This is, instead of getting a job and working for it, he expects people to just hand it to him. And what is the point in having music that you can’t see played live anyway? There isn’t any really, unless it’s club music. I hope this fails on him, he really needs to learn that you can either work for something, or not get it.

    Everything about this guy screams douchebag.

  • Truth

    God bless all of you.No matter what you do or say God still loves you and is madly in love with you.You are precious to Him.I pray you come to full knowledge of God in Jesus name.

    Isaiah 61

  • dax88

    what a douchebag

  • robichaud1

    Pretty sure I found God last weekend in Montreal at about 5:30 a.m. What a ruuusssshhhhhhh.

  • adamonfire

    So god is a gay? [Referring to how he is madly in love with me, not because he was in Montreal. But if he is a Habs fan he's a gay]

  • robichaud1

    God’s a lacrosse fan, dumdum.

  • adamonfire

    So he’s from New York?

  • elizamave

    i’m pretty sure all you guys bashin would never say this to any of this to his face. you guys aren’t hard ’cause you’re rockin the keyboard. grow up and get over yourself. beside if you hate this band then why would you even watch it in the first place? i’m pretty sure you all are the stupid ones.

  • juancs

    All you stupid niggas are lame criticizing him
    lame ass foo get a fucken life
    he if badass

  • We.spoke.of.the.rapture

    Good for him! It takes serious courage to put this out there! Your band shuld never get in the way of God! He’s 100% right fo this. I loved Someday Came Suddenly cause it had meaning and it shot for God! But there new album wasnt my favorite at all… I will always love johnny franck and he’s become a hero in my book because of his courage. It makes me want to take my band to the top for the kingdom ONLY. ;)

    • HoodooOperator

      Harold Camping spoke of the rapture, too. Looks like two people who are wrong. 3 if you include Kirk Cameron. I don’t, but you can.

    • Vautour

      It takes serious courage to spell like this and then speak of rapture. You’re going to hell for this.

    • adamonfire

      Call it divine intervention or call it me not being 16 and thus knowing to not even bother watching the VMA’s, but I happily watched this last night:

  • Inferno2190

    You guys are a bunch of disrespectful little kids and need to grow the hell up.

    • adamonfire

      Cry me a river [of holy water].

  • HoodooOperator

    …wait, who?

  • Derek D-Wreck Christian

    I’m not here necessarily to defend anybody, but the way I see it, why do people have to hate on anyone? Not just Johnny Franck, but anyone who has even been ridiculed for their beliefs and values. Most of these comments express how much you believe Attack Attack! sucks, and if that’s the case, why even waste the energy to type comments like these on this video? Instead of bringing people down, people should show support for each other. There’s no need for this much hate on one little thing that really doesn’t have any effect on people at all.

    By the way, I am a Christian, and I’ve read my bible; with that being said, i have no idea how Harold Camping came up with his theory.

    • adamonfire

      Because people with stupid beliefs and values deserve to be hated on, which is in the eye of the beholder. I have stupid beliefs, you have stupid beliefs, Johnny Franck ESPECIALLY has stupid beliefs. This is part of the reason why I watch Cops, To Catch a Predator, or Bait Car – it’s incredibly fun to hate on the idiots involved.

      Read your bible, eh? Well I’ve read Goosebumps, so we can go tit-for-tat in the fantasy department.

    • Vautour

      It’s called “the internet”. Better get used to it.

  • Aggroculture

    And the purpose of bumping this stupid thread is what exactly?

  • AMeN

    Agreed, this is so lame, anyway this isn’t the real reason he left this piece of shit band, apparently his girlfriend basically gave him the ultimatum that if he doesn’t leave she will break up with him, because she gets so butthurt he tours all the time. What a little whipped bitch.

  • wheeler

    You are all literally the dumbest worthless pricks i have ever heard of. You wouldnt know good music if it fucked you in your wide asshole. You are all peices of shit and you are going no where in life. Johnny shouldve stayed with attack attack. But we cant change hjs decision. And either way he is the one doing what he loves and getting payed to do it. You fuck ups are sitting on your ass all day talking shit to people on the internet and jacking off to gay porn. Your all just pissed because johnny is a better singer than your faggotty ass hero justin beiber

  • ccsayzhi

    You guys need to stop being so mean to Johnny its his choice in what he wants to do, im just happy that he got to be in attack attack band for 3 good years. hes one of my favorite artists he has an amazing voice and i am glad that he is still doing music. So Go Johnny and live you’re life to what you choose fuck all those haters! Love youy johnny

  • My Farts Linger

    That’s cool, I left my first job to search for Unicorns, so I get where he is coming from.