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A Perfect Circle Perform On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Footage Available

A Perfect Circle performed their track “Weak And Powerless” on last night’s (October 27th) episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!“, footage can be found below:

The band also performed their rendition of John Lennon‘s “Imagine” during the credits, with footage of that available below:

Rehearsals for the performance saw the band perform “Passive” and “Judith“. A number of fan-filmed videos of differing quality from the rehearsals have already made their way to Youtube.


  • gonsa

    Never figured out that long hair of Maynard.
    in Tool is shaved, in APC is long..

    and it doesn’t look like a wig.

  • Surly

    It’s a wig.

    I wonder if he’s still wearing those funky Swedish-style hippy flip flops?

  • AJP

    “Insecure actresses” wear wigs as well!

    I talked to Adam Jones from Tool at a WWE pay-per-view last week. Obviously I had to ask him when the new Tool album is going to surface… He said, “they’re working on it.”

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    I think those flip-flops were from Botswana

  • mjclementz

    This band has a knack for playing the few songs I would rather them not play when making television appearances. I can’t say I dislike Weak, but that whole eMotive thing was, in my opinion, a failed attempt at a decent idea. However, the two songs they rehearsed would have been pretty killer. Go Giants.

  • HonoluluBlueBalls

    The vocal harmonies sound a bit off, probably still shaking the rust off. Good to have APC back either way.

  • asull24

    To understand why Maynard chose this song.One must first understand Maynard. To understand Maynard, One cant simply listen to him. They have to hear Him. Then and only then will the truth be revealed

  • mjclementz

    I hate people that are all on Maynard’s dick. It’s so cliche it’s disgusting. Yeah, he’s a great talent and a witty fellow but he’s not something that should have “Him” capitalized, i.e. God.

  • cma3585

    LOL mcclementz, you realize you’re in the middle of every Deftones circle-jerk on this site, right?

  • Surly

    @HonoluluBlueBalls – I noticed that too.
    @Big Mac – I stand corrected!
    I kinda wish Paz would rejoin. At least the new guy is sexier than Jeordie.

  • robichaud1

    Jeordie’s a whore. Not in a good way. Speaking of whores, this chick I know banged him when they toured Canada 3-4 years ago. Yup. Heh, he told her to bring a friend to the next show, and she brought my buddy Max, a dude, and Jwhoredie got all pissed off. Heh. GROUPIE FAIL!

  • Surly

    Good story rob. Go Max. I didn’t think it mattered to J-White though? ;-)

  • jayofdajungle

    @robichaud that’s an honest mistake, anyone who’s seen any old Manson shows knows ol’ twiggy dabbles in cock

  • jayofdajungle

    Adam Jones likes wrestling? I don’t know what to think of that. I grew out of wrestling at 12.

  • robichaud1

    Wait a fuckin’ minute here – the “Imagine” video’s no longer available because of “a copyright claim by Disney”? Does Disney fuckin’ own that tune? What’s this world coming to…

  • Vujaa De

    No, Disney owns ABC, which owns Jimmy Kimmel. they probably have clips pulled because there’s a Kimmel You Tube Channel, but the video isn’t on there either. My guess is APC were told not to do it because Will Ferrel was doing it later in the week as a gag and did it anyways, cuz well… fuck disney.

  • robichaud1

    Ah, kay. Thanks for clearing that up. I’ll step off the ledge.