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Sensing A Trend Here

So some of you are surely curious as to why Google was reporting the site as a potential malware threat. Once again, new security exploits were found in the most recent installation of’s ad server which saw it become compromised.

Apologies, all of the exploited code has been wiped completely, updates have been applied and everything is currently running on the latest versions available. If such an instance is to occur again I will be moving the ads to a different software suite to ensure your browsing convenience.

Also, the site has been submitted for reconsideration from Google so hopefully that message should be gone soon once everything checks out.

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  • Aries Veil

    The site is working fine now, but I’m still getting the warning from the board. Is it safe to view the board, or should I wait till that is dealt with as well?

  • warofallwars

    I work for a hosting company and there has been an 0day exploit on the timthumb wordpress plugin.

    Also, outdated versions of wordpress and plugins are exploitable. You kinda have to find a happy medium between brandfuckingnew and old.

    Your Admins/Developers should know your hosting environment and its security setup. This would also greatly help since they would know where to start “fortifying” for brute/intruder attempts