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The Damned Things Detail Their Origins In New EPK

The Damned Things have posted some behind the scenes footage detailing their origins below. The group, who feature members of Anthrax, Fall Out Boy, Every Time I Die, are set to release their Island/Def Jam debut “Ironiclast” on December 14th. The effort will be preceded by a 7″/CD single for the track “We’ve Got A Situation Here” on November 26th.


  • etid

    Fuck yes.

  • will

    i bend @ the alter of etid. that said, i’m not jazzed about this. well, alittle jazzed. but b/c of keith/anthrax. i just hope the next etid brings pure pain. but NOT in a deathcore way.

  • buttcrackguy

    This is the only thing I am looking forward to in what’s left of this year. And Daath. But that’s it.

  • Surly

    Keith is looking rather svelte.

  • the hidden agenda

    This should be pretty good

  • Bitter Old Man

    I would be more excited if they were trying to do something new instead of a 70′s throwback kind of thing, but still should be good anyway. Keith and Scott are awesome.