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Mushroomhead Post “Come On” Music Video Teaser Online

Mushroomhead have made a teaser for the upcoming music video for their track “Come On” available online below. The full video, which was shot with director David Greathouse, will debut online shortly. “Come On” is the lead single from the bands new album “Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children“, which is due out through Megaforce on September 28th.


  • brainsnakes

    holy shit this is gay

  • mongolianchopsquad

    Better than I expected, worse than I can tolerate.

  • theguilty1

    Seriously, these guys use riffs I learned the very first day I picked up a guitar. What a terrible, TERRIBLE excuse for a band.

    Come on, do you really want to fuck with me
    Come on, do you really want to fuck with me
    Come on, do you really want to fuck with me

    …fucking genius.

  • seethrusilence

    Why cant they write better music than this? solitaire unraveling WAS kinda cool

  • Weird_White_Dude


  • Aries Veil

    Bahahaha, it’s like a shitty version of Gwar, and that says something..

  • BranchDavidianStyle

    They’re crossing over into ICP territory. Congrats, boys…I would no longer even piss on you if you were stung by a jellyfish!

    “Solitaire/Unravelling” was a decent song though…and decent video. R.I.P: Mushroomhead dignity.

  • RhiNo

    Mushroomhead’s major label debut was great (XX)! This is just awful as hell. The lyrics seem to be written by a Five Finger Death Punch fan who lives in his grandma’s basement while the guitar seems to be played by some random kid at Guitar Center between the ages of 7 and 10. Come on! This is awful.

  • mjclementz

    Yeah I liked a lot of the songs from XX and worked to tolerate some of the songs from the sophomore effort (but it took work), but everything they’ve done since the other singer left has just seriously sucked. He must’ve been the one keeping it real.

  • will

    if these guys rapped they could be lil’ slipknot
    (lil’ in every catagory- lyrics, masks, etc.)

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