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Machine Head Frontman’s House Broken Into, Help Sought In Finding Stolen Goods

Machine Head frontman/guitarist Robb Flynn‘s house was recently burglarized with a number of musical instruments being stolen, including a guitar from fallen Pantera guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, among others. Rewards are being offered with more info available at


  • rasputinmetalguy

    tottaly shitty. hope he’s not in oakland still.

  • will

    i did it! i was the second gun-man.
    no really, that sucks shit man. hope you catch’em and kill’em

  • Stenny

    Start tourturing Trivium right now, Jack Bauer style.

  • whitefur

    This fucking sux, especially the gift from Dime, hope they catch and put a slug in the brain base of all the heads involved!!! I’ll be crossing my fingers Robb!!!

  • dehumanizer

    that sucks, I hope they find the idiots.

  • Afghanistam

    boo-fucking-hoo. what about the hundred or so other musicians that get robbed every day. where’s their prp love? get over it.

  • Bitter Old Man

    Get over it?! Fuck you bro….who are you to say that? That shit is unfortunate no matter who you are. He doesn’t deserve to have his stuff stolen. Maybe you need a good beating like the fucks who burglarized Robb.

  • Afghanistam

    bitter old guy. let me call the wah-mbulance for you. stop being a fag. shit happens. sorry to break the news, guy. btw, randy marsh is awsome. youre not.

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    You’re not old news or bad news. You’re just zero news. prp doesn’t care about triflin’ asses like assghamistam

  • Bitter Old Man

    Thanks for getting my back Gary Busey. And shit does happen….but shit like this shouldn’t just be forgotten. I wonder if someone broke into his (Afghanistam’s) mother’s house, stole all of her shit and stabbed her in the stomach on the way out he would also tell her just to “get over it and call the wah-mbulance”.

  • Afghanistam

    haha, wow bitter old guy, you really know how to pull the veil back, eh? its like you just took your tiffany brand crystal ball and peered right into my past. thats exactly what happened…my mother was stabbed in the stomach by a guy that told her to call a wah-mbulance…you fucking idiot.

  • robichaud1

    What’s this about stabbing? You shit-disturber, you, Bitter Old Man…
    I hear the guys came in, crapped in the closet, made an asparagus and swiss omelette, and high-tailed it after that… without doing the dishes!!!

  • Afghanistam

    ^^ WHA?1?! Oh FUcK NO!!1 I heard they stole robbs’ dinner reservations at Red Lobester too.

  • Surly

    Wow….you guys are brave. Afghanistam is the toughest, baddest, most l33t poster this side of the internet galaxy. I pity the fool who goes up against his cutting-edge wit and br00tl, barbed posts. For many of you valiant prpers it is far too late. You are DOA after his wah-mbulance took you to the boo-fucking-hoo-spital……Flamers4Life……*cough/splutter/choke/spit/hack*…..yeah.