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Bleeding Through Debut “Anti-Hero” Video Online

Bleeding Through have debuted their new video for their track “Anti-Hero” online, you can view it below. The clip was directed by Spencer Nicholson (The Devil Wears Prada, Hollywood Undead).


  • rasputinmetalguy

    song’s ok (first time I’ve heard it) but they absolutely suck at making a good video. Props for having a female keyboardist who knows how to play the keyboards.

  • Ganglor

    Made it about halfway through before getting bored will all aspects of this video

  • lllslinklll

    Shit’s horrible, every Bleeding Through song is like each one of their members trying as hard as possible to get more attention than any of the other members, with the exception of the keyboards. You hear maybe 6 notes for a period of a few seconds, which sound as out of place as you’d think a keyboard would in their songs.

  • EL ROV

    this band went downhill a while ago.

  • Bitter Old Man

    Song and video are decent, but I’m still irritated cuz God Forbid wrote a much better song called “Anti-Hero” six years ago.

  • Surly

    It’s Ganglor! Hey bro.

    The video seemed a bit contrived to me. What with all the swords and barbwire baseball bats etc. Songs so-so. Drumming’s tight though.

  • Bukkake Summit

    I hear the words “Why are you here” and “I’ve seen enough of you” … and I asked why am I here watching this video…

  • Surly

    You’re here to entertain us with your username.

  • will

    i like the song and band. hate the video and think they could have saved mucho money and just filmed marta for 5 minutes.

  • James Deceit

    There is nothing boring about Bleeding Through they are one of the best bands out there today.

    And since their 2005 album The Truth they’ve just gotten heavier with every album so there’s no way they’ve gone downhill. If anything they’ve gotten better over the years especially since they left Trustkill.

    I dunno I’ve been a fan of them since 2003 so I gotta stand by one of my favorite bands. But I will admit the video isn’t one of my faves. The new album is heavy as shit though and I highly recommend that and their last album ‘Declaration’

  • Surly

    Um…re-listen to The Truth before you categorically say each album has gotten heavier. ‘Line in the Sand’??? C’mon.

  • buttcrackguy

    Every time these guys come on Liquid Metal I change the station so that I don’t get bored and fall asleep at the wheel.

  • Ganglor

    I am patiently waiting to see what Bukkake Summit’s profile pic will be

  • Surly

    The mind boggles with possibilities.

  • James Deceit

    I was referring to every album after The Truth numb-nuts….Like after that came out they’ve only gotten heavier. Because after they put that The Truth they went “oh shit” what the fuck have we done we gotta rape shit on the next album” They felt like it was a nice period for them in their careers but they’d rather make music that “they” liked instead and I applaud them for that.

    Only so many bands can be consistent album to album and you go oh that’s Slayer or oh that’s Deftones…they just wan’t to be one of those bands. Where when you put them on you know what your listening to and it’s not a smear of everything else. As Throwdown has tried to do on their past 2 albums.

  • James Deceit

    What I meant to say was *”Because after they put out The Truth they went “oh shit”” fuckin’ typos. But yeah Line in The Sand was pretty crazy hearing the first time I didn’t know what to think. But nowadays I’m glad that’s their only ballad. Unless you think On Wings of Lead is a ballad. I dunno only Line In The Sand comes to mind. There’s a lot less singing now. If it happens the bassist normally does it. Still great live as well.