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Disturbed Set Title For New Album

Disturbed have set “Asylum” as the title to their new album which they recently began mixing in Los Angeles, CA. The group self-produced the outing are expected to release it late this summer through Reprise.

Speaking on the album, band frontman David Draiman described the outing as being:

“…still identifiably Disturbed, but showing more maturation. We feel this is one of the strongest bodies of work we’ve ever put together. It definitely goes in familiar areas, but with new levels of precision and skill.”


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    • Their first album was solid as hell…. but it fit the time…. They haven’t made an album since that is completely solid… they have songs here and there that are good but that is about it… *sigh*…. the path bands take… I think they just need to do alot more drugs… they’d write loads of better music… usually when bands clean up, their sound becomes lame….. For example, Full Devil Jacket> Day of Fire… frontman did heroine in FDJ, recorded an awesome album then quit, cleaned up, and came out in a new band that sucks balls… Day of Fire… boo!

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    • BranchDavidianStyle     April 22, 2010 at 9:38 am

      @dirtsgndotcom – Yeah, but it was said by someone that has both Cold and Nonpoint in their icon, so any credibility they may have had previously has gone out the window for sure.

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    • naw you guys are just picky fucking weirdo’s
      god dam i hate people who hate every fucking band and dont even know what they like themselves…such bull… why comment on it if u dont like it? “Main stream metal sucks” how the hell did it get main stream if i sucked?
      GOOD JOB DISTURBED. i hope its just as GREAT as the other albums
      Ive seen over 200 bands live and they r still the best live

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    • BranchDavidianStyle     April 29, 2010 at 11:40 am

      Statler FTW. Check. Mate.

      The topic of music will always be a hotbed for opinions. It just so happens that the shitty…yeah, I said it…SHITTY…bands from the last decade are all trying to make a comeback…hence more news update posts about them…hence more comments about them. Christ, I would’ve thought this deductive reasoning chain would have been a no-brainer. Apparently, we have more than a few drooling, helmet-sporting, affliction-t-shirt-wearing, walking hard-ons registered in this forum.

      Post some news about Nine Inch Nails, Nothingface, Ghostride, Nevermore, Necrophagist, Dillinger Escape Plan, Frank Sinatra, etc., etc., and I’ll sing some praises.

      Furthermore….how the hell could someone NOT know what they like? That statement doesn’t even make sense logically. In order for someone to like something, they have to first realize that it brings them some sort of pleasure. Man, enhanced cognitive faculties are something that waved bye-bye to this shit-heel a long time ago.

      Why am I so angry?


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