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Lamb Of God Readying Anthology Releases For June

Lamb Of God are moving ahead with a series of anthology releases for a June 01st release date. First up is “Hourglass: The Ultimate Anthology“, a box set that will find 180 gram vinyl editions of the bands six outings (“Wrath“, “Sacrament“, “Ashes Of The Wake“, “As The Palaces Burn“, “New American Gospel” and “Burn The Priest“) released together in special packaging.

Also in the works are the CD and more than likely digital outings, “Hourglass Volume I – The Underground Years” and “Hourglass Volume II – The Epic Years“. Both efforts are due out on June 01st as well and will feature the following track listings:

Hourglass Volume I – The Underground Years“:

01 – “Black Label
02 – “Ruin
03 – “Bloodletting
04 – “Pariah
05 – “Resurrection #9
06 – “11th Hour
07 – “The Subtle Arts Of Murder And Persuasion
08 – “As The Palaces Burn
09 – “Terror And Hubris In The House Of Frank Pollard
10 – “Lies Of Autumn
11 – “O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E .
12 – “Suffering Bastard
13 – “Vigil

Hourglass Volume II – The Epic Years“:

01 – “The Passing
02 – “In Your Words
03 – “Hourglass
04 – “Walk with Me In Hell
05 – “Contractor
06 – “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For
07 – “Descending
08 – “Set To Fail
09 – “Blacken The Cursed Sun
10 – “The Faded Line
11 – “Dead Seeds
12 – “Redneck
13 – “Laid To Rest

Another release dubbed “Hourglass: The CD Anthology” is also in the works and will reportedly package both of the aforementioned two compilations into a single 2-disc set.


  • RxInfection

    What are these, greatest hits CD’s? Every song from Lamb of God is a goddamn greatest hit.

  • rasputinmetalguy

    can anyone say contractual obligation? basically, they’re dropping two greatest hits CDs in order to finish up their contract with Epic. They’ll take a break, labels will court them, and they’ll be back in two to three years, if we are lucky.

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