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Faith No More Frontman Exposes Himself On Stage, Footage And Pictures Available

Faith No More frontman Mike Patton intentionally exposed himself while onstage performing at the recent Brisbane, Australia stop of the annual “Soundwave Festival“. The incident occurred during the bands performance of their track “Just A Man” with video footage available below and a photo available here.


  • Tom


  • Dime

    good to see rock and roll is still alive.

  • Sam Eagle

    I would just like to say a few words about nudity in the world today. And I, for one, am just appalled by it. Why, did you know that underneath their clothing, the entire population of the world is walking around completely naked? Hmm? Is that disgusting? And it’s not just people, although, goodness knows, that’s bad enough, but animals too. Even cute little doggies and pussycats can’t be trusted. Underneath their fur, absolutely naked! And it’s not just the quadripeds, neither. Birds too. Yeah! Beneath those fine feathers, birds wear nothing. Nothing at all! Abs…uhh, excuse me.

  • Statler

    More like Just Half A Man by the looks of it.

  • k1ssk1ng


  • rasputinmetalguy

    the guy used to wrap his own shit in towels and leave them in hotel room vents. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • Aries Veil

    Personally, I think it’s pretty funny he would stretch out his flaccid penis for the Australians. Everyone knows Australians are all gay.

  • will

    mike should keep lil mike up… male nudity is way overrated

  • Surly

    @Aries Veil – yep, we all putt from the rough alright.

  • pnemanic

    Did I just see Mr. Bungle?

  • http://deathcoreis-still-sexy YourLocalWeedMan

    this isn’t news.

  • JohnnyRuthless

    Faith No More Skin

  • Aries Veil

    @Surly, what happens when you hit a sand trap?

  • PeAcE MiNuS 0Ne

    IMO this should not be a headline. Reason being is because after the show, Jonathan Davis and the rest of the Nu-metal monkey crew from the 90s were lined up to give him a blow job. I would think that would make the top headlines section but I see I am wrong…