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Trivium Frontman Discusses Line-Up Changes, New Songs Online

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy recently spoke with Noisecreep regarding the bands recent line-up changes. Speaking on the firing of drummer Travis Smith, he had offered the following:

“We told him over the phone and it was hard for everyone involved. But I hope it’s going to be something Travis recognizes was for the better for him in years to come. For his own health and well-being as well and for our own. I heard that he’s doing very well now and that’s the best you can wish for. And we hope he does amazingly, no matter what he picks in life to do next.”

You can read more on that here. In other news, both of the bands recent recordings have made their way online, and can be found below:

Shattering The Skies Above“:

Slave New World” (Sepultura cover):

Shattering The Skies Above” will see a release on March 02nd as part of the “God Of War: Blood & Metal” digital EP.


  • captian nemo

    “we told him over the phone”. Come on Matt, you know you called your dad and had him call the label, just to have some monkey over there break the news. By the way, you need to wait a little longer before you borrow from Mastadon album names.

  • buttcrackguy

    I wonder how that went?
    Matt: “HeyTravis, this is going to be better for you in the years to come. For your own health and well-being as well as our own. I hope you do amazingly, no matter what you pick in life to do next.”
    Travis: “Uhhh… are you kicking me out of the band? Dammit.”

  • Bitter Old Man

    Well now that they’ve kicked out all the talent in the band their new set of Metallica songs will be even less interesting.