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Ex-40 Below Summer Members Join With Daggers Drawn

Former 40 Below Summer members Max Illidge and Joey D’Amico (also of Black Market Hero fame) have joined With Daggers Drawn. The group will debut their new line-up live at The Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on March 06th. God Forbid and Kittie will also be on the bill. In the meantime, a teaser video of the band in the studio can be found online below:

More info on With Daggers Drawn can be found here.


  • Statler

    It’s probably time to throw in the towel when adding members of a washed up never was nu-metal band to your own band is your biggest accomplishment.

  • Waldorf

    Someone alert Streetwise!

  • dirtdsgndotcom

    someone alert streetwise hahah thats great… 40 below was garbage…. statler yer right on with the “never was” line too…… i could go through each of their songs and name each riff and what band it was taken from.. not to mention their terrible attempt at stealing candirias guitar tone.. but thats whatever, 40 below, weak…

  • loprojoe

    any one out their heard black market hero? much better than 40 below summer. and i am really seeing that stiffler and waldo don’t like anything. but it wouldn’t be a blog without flaming now would it?