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Black Label Society Officially Sign With E1 Music

Black Label Society have officially inked a deal with E1 Music. The group are currently working on new material for their next effort which the plan to begin recording around March with a June release date in the cards. For now, the official press release on the signing can be found below:

“(New York, NY) E1 Music announces the addition of guitar icon Zakk Wylde’s band, Black Label Society, to its rock and metal roster. The two album deal covers North America exclusively.

Wylde formed Black Label Society (BLS) in 1994 as a vehicle for his own artistic vision: uncompromising, unfiltered, no bullshi* rock’n’roll. The band quickly became a touring juggernaut and went on to release seven successful studio albums which have sold well over a million and a half albums total.

Wylde has been no stranger to success over the years. At only 19 years old, he was tapped to join Ozzy Osbourne’s band as lead guitarist and co-writer. He performed with Osbourne for nearly twenty years. While under Osbourne‘s tutelage, he formed Black Label Society and in the decade since, BLS has turned the notion of what a rock band should be upside down by inspiring legions of fans (known as Berserkers) all over the world to follow the mantra: Strength, Determination, Merciless, Forever. SDMF for short, the Berserkers, along with Wylde have created a heavy metal institution true to his vision of uncompromising, unfiltered and unrestrained rock and roll.

E1 Music VP of Metal Scott Givens comments on the deal, “Rarely does the opportunity come along to sign an artist as talented, influential and important as Zakk Wylde. I am thrilled to welcome him to the E1 Music Group. He is the future of our company and all of us are battle ready to go to the wall for him.”

Zakk Wylde said about the pairing, “I’ve known Scott Givens since I first joined Ozzy, and we’ve always looked for an opportunity to work together…everything came together at E1. I cannot wait to bring new BLS Nationwide on E1!”

Black Label Society will release a new studio album in late summer 2010. The band will also embark on its annual BLACK LABEL BASH tour in the fall.”


  • Statler

    E1 Music and Burnhill Union seem to be in a head to head race to sign the most bands no one ever really gave a shit about.

  • Waldorf

    This is what happens when you give a metal department to someone who ran another label into the ground.

  • Patrick Swayze

    2012 cant come sooner, we need to stop the Black Label Bash.

  • http://deathcoreis-still-sexy YourLocalWeedMan

    Good stuff BLS is an old favorite, and always good, to listen to.

  • Aries Veil

    Does anyone give a shit about this band?

  • Surly

    I’d planned to go into this thread with the same question, Aries. However, you sir, beat me to it. Well played gov’.

  • JohnnyRuthless

    The real mantra:

    SDMF – Some Dumbass Mother Fuckers

  • EL ROV

    cmon guys.. its Zakk.. HE PLAYED FOR THE OLD MAN.