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Deftones To Release New Album In April

The Deftones have now set an April 27th release date for their as-yet untitled new album. The effort was recorded with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Trivium, Shadows Fall) and features bass tracks done by Sergio Vega, the current replacement for ailing bassist Chi Cheng. Cheng has been sidelined by a car accident that took place in November of 2008.

In a new interview with Noisecreep, band frontman Chino Moreno described the album as reminiscent of “Around The Fur” and “White Pony“. He also mentioned that the band plan to begin touring in support of it in February.

Other topics addressed in the interview include the condition of Cheng, and the recent benefit concerts thrown for him, plus the current state of the bands shelved album “Eros“, and more. You can check all that out at the aforementioned link.


  • Surly

    April 27th cannot come soon…….

  • rasputinmetalguy

    Def. Fucking. Tones.

  • hutdog

    could not be more excited

  • dirtdsgndotcom

    YES !! YES !! YES !! wheewww cant wait….. speedy recovery chi !

  • mjclementz

    Really? This is that exciting? I’m a big fan of White Pony and prior, but for me there’s a serious nosedive from then on. The s/t album was decent, but more or less the face of things to come.
    That said, it’s good to hear the album being compared to White Pony and Around the Fur, but I’ve heard such talk before (such as “this is by far the heaviest album we done yet”) that doesn’t quite pan out.

  • Surly

    Man, sure you’re entitled to your opinion, but what’s not to get excited about hearing some new ‘tones? You’re essentially saying that if they don’t create ‘the heaviest album’ it’s not worthwhile. That’s borderline bullshit really. Anyway, their s/t was by far the heaviest record they’ve put out. They’ve even said so themselves. SNW was ‘different’, but right from the start they were struggling to get that beast of a record together. The problem with your mentality is that you’ve fallen into that classic, age old rut of “Oh, this band should really put out something like their OLD stuff.” and you’re effectively vetoing a bands choice in experimentation with progress and the maturing of their sound. Having said that, sure, a bands choice to go down that path can go either way. But if they didn’t try something fresh, they probably would’ve broken up long ago and you’d be left no Deftones at all.

  • Dyno

    Deftones have been my jam since 2-3 months after ATF came out. There isn’t a band I’ve seen more or continually want to see live more than the Tones.

    Also, the Deftones last 2 cd’s are the ONLY cd’s I’ve purchased in probably 5-6 years.
    Deftones Worldwide!!!

  • jayofdajungle

    We need to start a release “Eros” campaign. It sucks they have a new album finished just sitting on the shelf as they work on the new one. I know they feel like the new material they are working on better represents where they are as a band right now and blah blah blah, but you know “Eros” probably blows 95% of what’s out now out of the water

  • Tom

    relax, they have said time and again that it will be released at some point, and are just waiting due to chi’s condition

  • Aries Veil

    April is so far away!!!

    Personally I’ve loved everything they’ve put out, every album has a unique sound and direction, and I’ve enjoyed the progression the bands has made since Adrenaline.

    Deftones are probably one of my favorite artists of all time, I’ve even got the screaming kitten logo from the adrenaline era tatt’d on my skin in tribute to when I met the guys when they toured with Glassjaw on the White Pony tour.

    I’ve seen them more than any other band, and I will continue to go out of my way to see them.

    Can’t wait for the new album to drop.

    Get well Chi.

  • fmdof

    i lost all respect for them when they called themselves Art Metal. might as well just have said no other band is better than us.

  • thuglord

    dude, there is no better band. hopefully someday you really get it. Deftones Worldwide!!!