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Selling Out, Again.

So less than one month since the official public launch of the new site design and there’s already been over 1000 posts made and nearly 600 comments. Traffic continues to rise and so far the only real criticism has been that the new prp logo looks like something a white supremacist would tattoo on their chest.

Well, that and that I stopped doing those horribly hamfisted news titles. I’m not entirely sure which complaint I am more offended by.

But seriously, It’s just a damned eagle.

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  • absoluteshady

    Yeah, no hamfisted news titles, and where are the nuggets? That aside, been coming to the site for years, it was prob my homepage throughout college back in the day. Cheers to the redesign

  • BorNL

    love the new site, logo is ok…. but yeah, I miss your “horribly hamfisted news titles” ;-)

  • rrbrambley

    I am so happy to not see those hamfisted news titles. They sickened me.

  • Patrick Swayze

    I thought this was an American History X fan page upon arrival.

  • Woodshock

    Love the new site, I have been visiting for years.

  • n00ge

    I love the new site and the logo looks pretty slick. +1 for missing the old titles… The Pimp Rock Palace has been a favorite of mine for over 10 years now.

  • vegard

    the site looks great, i love the whole militant russian look. hope all is well wook. still miss the hotline days! *gets sentimental*

    - The Nordic Prince

  • Juice

    Love everything about the new layout design.

    “Blah blah blah, I have discerning taste. I’m very opinionated. The logo is FAIL.”

  • very_random_man

    Site looks pretty cool. Plus, if anyone doesn’t like it, they can just use the RSS feed! ;-)

    Are there any plans to get the Learning Curve active again? There were loads of bands I got into because of that feature.

  • Abe

    blog is weak so far, but like the tour section that links to the news stories. Good work.

  • Abe

    and agree with above. use the blog as a new “Learning Curve”

    p.s. Word press is pissing me off with always making me type out some ungodly long word just to comment so fuck you wordpress I don’t even know what a “Heiskell masseuse” is.

  • duggus

    Ya, the ReCaptcha sucks to have to type just to post a quick comment. Otherwise site is great : )

  • Sk0t

    Bring back the learning curve!
    Logo and colors suck…

  • Surly

    Bring back the Tuesday patchwork quilt-making night, wook. Dude….come on. Btw, I love this site. It’s almost as good as boobs.

  • jayofdajungle

    loomed official, to hamar, rafalsky combat… anyone who is having trouble naming their band all you have to do is keep refreshing the recaptcha til u find a suitable moniker

  • Ganglor

    The search feature on the site seems to be broken. Sucks having to go back through page after page of posts to find an old story. Other than that I am loving the new layout.

  • inexternal

    fuck an eagle. you should have put a griffon…in spandex. killing oprah. there’s your traffic, there’s your traffic right fuckin there.

  • Aries Veil

    Now who in their right mind would want to kill Oprah?

  • satansbakesale6

    The new site is amazing. the bird is a little Nazi looking, but fuck this is amazing shit

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Wook, check this out, you probably already know… New Helmet album! DIY release!
    I would love a Deftones/Helmet tour. Page on stage with the ‘tones playing “Sinatra”, “FBLA”, and “Distracted” would be a dream come true. And those tracks still slam it down, 20 years later.

    I miss the hamfisted titles! But I still love the site. The video links suck and make my cellphone lag, but you still give me relevant information.

    I would like to see more reviews and more comments on each album’s production and sound (but you only have so much time). I believe that’s what originally attracted me to the prp way back in the day. Your reviews are real and I’ve always appreciated that.

    Good work, Wook!

  • Stenny

    I’ve been dropping by daily for……….. shit, along time. I remember reading the Earthtone 9 Arc-tan-gent review. You raved, that’s one review you failed me. But 90% of the time I agree with your reviews, and there nicely done – and you give a good feel for the recordFuck what people say, the site looks good, it’s great that we now have embedded media files, and this place is the best hard rock site around
    also, keep posting shit about non “hard rock” acts, keeps the variety up – and theres nothing wrong with being into different kinds of music.

  • robichaud1

    Personally, I’m offended that the logo isn’t Nazi-looking enough. That’s the only thing. Where’s the gawd dayamn iron cross?! YEEEEHAAAA!!!!