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I waited ten years for this?

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  • Squid

    Seriously lol

  • flipp jackson


  • ballsniffer

    wordpress huh?

    at least you finally got rss. maybe now i’ll read the news.

    have you figured out how to update from xbl yet?

  • Kirb.0.

    Totally worth the blood, sweat and beers

  • Hephaestus

    Where are the nuggets?

  • Human Resources

    I wonder if we’re going to look back 10 years from now and make fun of our Axe to Fall average user rating.

  • iamlark

    You can’t get those years back, by the way.

  • Charlie the Red

    Like a Fiji bottle that lay unopened for ten years.

  • sevenwords

    Pretty sweet.

  • ops

    someone should make a prpboard iphone app. awesome.

  • Nevatripalone

    ^^ I’ve been wondering about that for some time, but given the turnaround time here…

  • explodinginsound

    wow, i was not expecting this. looks good, but i already miss the classic, hah

  • SteveSummoned

    Definitely liking the new design. I feel it’s more organized and it allows people to be more involved in the site instead of just the forum.

  • musicalsnob

    what a surprise! does this mean theprp is going to play catch up with metalsucks? i hate metalsucks btw, they always champion the worst over rated bands out there.

  • atomichaelbomb

    thank god, i was worried somebody was going to get all lambgoat on wook’s ass. i think the layout is awesome, and i’m pleased to see that nobody is calling anybody else faggots…yet.

  • sexbolt530

    i got today to check theprp (which i do everyday.its like drinking mycoffee) & i thought i went to the wrong site….i was like what happened to theprp. but hell it looks killer. it was time for an over haul.

  • musicalsnob

    hey i drink my coffee reading this site too lol, also i had the reaction where i thought i went to the wrong site on april fools day

  • James Deceit

    I’ve been going to this site for metal news since 2004….this is definitely the best layout by far it’s badass and my favorite colors. Very metal


    Whoever said knowledge is free?

  • Burialsuit

    This new site is the sh!t,the more i look around the more im loving it.Nice job Wook.

  • Mr. Sandwich

    Love it.

  • Mr.GoodBarr

    this is the site God would have designed for ThePrp. if he was real. and didn’t hate rock.

  • KingRotten

    Splendid…really nice! Love it…congrats!

  • Aries Veil

    Anyone dropping Machine Head references needs to commit suicide ASAP.

  • Obsurvor

    Very cool.

  • ennzo

    change scares me!!

  • OptimusGoz


  • Mr.GoodBarr

    haha I guess it’s good I don’t know any Machine Head lyrics, etc.
    Again, nice work, Wook.

  • betweenthegaymarriedandme

    that’s how it’s done son, that’s how it’s done son, how it’s done son, done son, done son.

  • betweenthegaymarriedandme

    I’ve been going to since 2001 back when I was a senior in high school, when bands like factory 81 were being reviewed, lol. Still the best site for news hands down!

  • patron-of-metal

    diggin the new look :)

  • mantras

    I’ve been coming here almost daily for the news since 2001. The site always looked good to me, but is even more impressive now.
    Glad you’ve kept up the site all these years, wook!
    You should go back and do the top albums of the year. I liked reading those. Even if it’s just your list and starting with 2009.

  • dethknoll76

    firstly, shock that page no longer in blue. still remember when prp was known as PimpRockPalace. not so keen on the communist style layout too, especially the logo that look too similiar to GNR Chinese Democracy logo. BUT nonetheless, a change that long overdue. Rock on.

  • davis


  • startsomething

    were you just making another april fools site design and accidentally come up with something cool? it’s nice and all, but where’s the mice wearing pink fez hats?

  • Wardo

    su cute.. kisses… hahaha

  • Aries Veil

    I agree, we I loved those Top 10 albums of the year lists wook.

  • ProtestedGyro

    I would buy a shirt of the new logo.

    Just throwin’ that out there…

  • the hidden agenda

    Better than bad.

  • robichaud1

    Top 10 albums of the year lists?!?! You had those? Bring ‘em back! And we all vote like the fanboyses we is. Also – I’d buy a PRP shirt too… FIRST POST OF 2010 WOO! Bringin’ back the dead thread.

  • psychochick

    Im new here lmao I love this site all my fav bands are here and I get the latest updates of my fav bands x) wicked

  • Sivret


  • Surly

    Suggestion box: anyway we can have a longer list of ‘recent comments’ or a a page system to browse more than just the last 5, Wook? Just a thought…cheers.